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Coffee makers, kettles, roasters… Small household appliances are also seeing an increase in prices. According to INSEE data, some products significantly exceed the level of inflation. How can this increase in prices be explained?

For lovers of morning espresso, replacing the coffee maker now costs more. In one year, prices for all small household appliances increased by 7% on average. Among the products whose prices, coffee makers and kettles, have exploded 17% in one year, and Roasters 13%. This increase is due to the increase in the prices of components, but also due to the fact that the devices come mainly from Asia and that it costs more to ship them.

“We already have tension about the shipping price. It’s a 50% price increase between 2022, compared to 2021. It’s linked to very strong demand and very strong growth after constraints.”Pascal explains HebelAssociate Director at C . methods. To avoid inflation, there are more economical and environmental solutions, such as repairing your appliances or buying refurbished products. These alternatives are half the cost.

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