Purina cat food is being recalled all over France

Three references were called Purina kibble. Their consumption was causing diarrhea and even the death of cats and kittens. However, the manufacturer assures that there is no danger to the health of the animal.

According to rappel.conso.gouv.fr, traces of residue (2-CE) from the treatment of water used by the Purina supplier are suspected on several batches of cat food.

we are worried:

– “Purina One Junior 1 to 12 Months Rich Chicken” entrees, in 1.5kg bags with minimum durability dated June 30, 2023, marketed between December 18, 2021 and April 13, 2022.

– Croquette “Purina Pro Plan Sterilized Adults 1 +, Rich in Salmon”, in 10kg + 2kg bags, in 3kg bags and in 400g bags. Sold between November 20, 2021, and April 13, 2022, and has a minimum durability date of May 31, 2023.

– “Purina Pro Plan Original Kitten 1 to 12 months, Rich Chicken” croquettes, in bags of 3 kg, 10 kg, or in bags of 400 g. Also sold between November 20, 2021 and April 13, 2022, the minimum durability date is May 31, 2023 or June 30, 2023, depending on parts.

These products are recalled due to the presence of traces of 2-CE residue on certain batches. This residue appears to come from water treatment used by one of the brand’s suppliers. Purina does not officially indicate risks to animals.

According to our colleagues from France 3 who collected many testimonies from shelter managers, the same side effects were observed, namely violent diarrhea, hypothermia, vomiting, with consequences that could lead to the death of the animal.

Do not take risks and do not give it to your pets. As a reminder, the recalled products were sold between November 2021 and April 2022 and don’t expire until 2023.

Purina said:

This withdrawal/recall is associated with the presence of residue traces from one of our suppliers’ industrial water treatment for one of our components. In fact, as a precaution and after discussions with the French authorities, it was decided to make this recall/recall on the batches showing traces of residues (2-chloroethanol) coming from this component only at detection above limit. However, it is important to remember that consuming the respective batches over a short period of a few weeks for PURINA ONE® and a few months for PURINA® PRO PLAN® does not affect a cat’s health. This statement is based on recognized scientific studies that determine the tolerance of animals to 2-chloroethanol. This makes it possible to set the maximum concentration level of these residues so that they are not exceeded in cat food in order to ensure the safety of the products.

The amount of residue in our batches is much less than this value (200 times less than this value)

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