Pyrenees – Orientales: The Aubiry has opened, and Les Déferlantes evaluated the celebration

Festivaliers venus en nombre, circulation à revoir, améliorations à venir, maintenant que Les Déferlantes ont pris leurs quartiers au château d’Aubiry, à Céret, du 7 au 10 juillet, David Garcia, co-directeur la revi de la Frontera Production a party.

With Les Déferlantes ending, David Garcia said “Being generally more than satisfied with these four days. It’s almost too good.Regarding criticisms that could be made, he adds:There and we just hear them. After that, you become a part of the festival life.

Attendance Record

In total, no less than 104,000 festival-goers met during the 2022 edition of Les Déferlantes. With a maximum capacity of more than double between Valmy and Obiri, the organizers expected an increase in attendance, but their expectations themselves were exceeded. “We knew we would have a few more people, especially on Sunday with Moses, but there were still some concernssays the co-director of Frontera Productions. Between Covid, the change of location, we couldn’t predict people’s behaviour…but in the end we had a whole evening, and many festival-goers on the other days too. Crushers have really entered another dimension.

Powerful programming for an exceptional website

David Garcia also insists on the artists present. “I think we provided a great experience for the audience. In terms of scenography it was really huge, we had crazy artists, everyone was able to find what they were looking for…and they also had a great time, they totally played the game.Another key point for him for this ‘broken experience’ is the place.Until now people knew little or nothing about the Château d’Aubiryhe explains. We woke up Sleeping Beauty and gave her world fame thanks to the international artists who went there.“The park has also made it possible to provide entertainment and showcase local produce.”The great thing is that families were able to share the good times thanks to all that was given (games, simulators, sports workshops, etc.), the organizer completes, We were also able to showcase local produce in a 100% local village, with beer and wine from P.-O. And restaurants from here, etc.

Items will be reworked

If the party hadn’t been spoiled, it was still affected by an issue the first night, which was the problem with location access and parking. “There have been criticisms, it’s normal, and we’ve heard it, it’s something we’re going to reworkDavid Garcia admits. The most important thing for us is that there were no injuries and no major problems. We were fortunate to have been very well supported by the sub-prefecture services, the gendarmerie as well as the Seret Municipal Building, especially with regard to this traffic issue, and we can only thank them as it has been a challenge for us, getting our directions in this new place.“Especially since the cancellation of shuttle buses has not frightened festival-goers for the past three days.”With programs like this, and a ticket price of €5 per artist, I think people have agreed to make that compromise and walk out of the parking the co-director of Frontera believes. It’s a bit in the festival spirit, like Woodstock or Glastonbury.

Finally, the Aubiry garden itself should also benefit from a facelift. “The park has not been maintained for forty years. There was a lot of dirt, but since the development work only started a few months ago, not everything can be doneDavid Garcia explains. We had to uproot some trees and install what was needed to accommodate the infrastructure etc. But now there will be a real beautification job, with more greenery, it will take some time.

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