Quarry: The awesome games are changing!

game news Quarry: The awesome games are changing!

Danish company Nordisk Games buys 100% of Supermassive Games, the publisher behind The Quarry, The Dark Pictures, Until Dawn…

Nordisk Games already owns a part of Supermassive GamesWe have just learned that the Danish company has bought the entire publisher of The Quarry.

Super Games under the Danish banner

Last year, we announced our partnership with Nordisk Games.

Today we are pleased to inform you of the complete acquisition of Supermassive Games from Nordisk Games. Exciting times await!

Nordisk Games are not on their first try. danish company, A subsidiary of Nordisk Film (Within the Egmont Group) already held Avalanche Studios Group and Flashbulb Gamesas well as the majority share of Star Stable Entertainment and Nitro Gamesand participate in mercury vapor. after you get it One-third of Supermassive Games’ shares Last year, Nordisk went even further buy back all From the British publisher.

Quarry: The awesome games are changing!

Nordisk Film buys narrative game studio

The games were super blocky Founded in 2008 by Pete and Joe Samuels. If the British studio yet always independentit has taken on a completely different size over time, and has now reached More than 300 developers. Supermassive games are especially known for their narrative games Praised Until Dawn, which even won the 2016 BAFTA Award One of the best original properties. Since then, with The Dark Pictures franchise, their creators and ownersand, most recently, The Quarry, Supermassive has made a name for itself in the industry and in the hearts of many players.

It’s been over a year since Nordisk Games made an initial investment in Supermassive Games and our vision for the future. During this time, we’ve found that we share many important values ​​with Mikel and his team, and we believe these values ​​are equally important to our existing business partners that we will continue to support. After such a positive experience over the past year, it wasn’t a difficult decision when Nordisk Games wanted to explore increasing their investment. We have an exciting and ambitious growth strategy for Super Massive Games and Nordisk Games ownership only reinforces that. I’m very excited to see where the security this partnership provides and continued access to Nordisk gaming expertise will take us.

Pete Samuels, CEO of Supermassive Games

In the year that we’ve worked alongside Pete, Joe, and the entire Supermassive team, we’ve come to understand how much talent, as well as the potential, there is, to develop the kinds of stories and narrative games they excel in. By acquiring 100% of the studio, we will be able to increase our support for the team and, above all, continue the excellent working relationship we have with them.

Michael Widder, CEO of Nordisk Games

Quarry: The awesome games are changing!

source : Super Huge Games

This new financial security should allow Supermassive Games to support The Quarry, but above all to quietly position themselves in their upcoming projects. The first of these should be The Dark Picture: The Devil In Me, due out this fall and already available for pre-order.

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