Queen Letizia and her highly colored daughters to make patriotic offerings to the Apostle Saint James

On July 25, Spain’s royal family perpetuated this tradition. King Philip and Queen Letizia attended solemn mass on the occasion of Saint James, the patron saint of Spain. During the Mass of the Apostle Saint James, the King of Spain declared himself to renew the Eucharist in the name of the Spanish people. The two royals’ daughters attended a mass in Santiago de Compostela in colorful dresses matching Queen Letizia’s orange dress.

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The royal family of Santiago de Compostela to call the patron saint of Spain

The Offering to the Apostle St. James is a celebration held by Philip IV in 1643. The tradition has been preserved for several centuries. The King of Spain, his family, and the authorities continue to call the patron saint of Spain James, son of Zebedee, later known as Saint James the Great.

Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and the vibrant Infanta Sofia at the Palaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela (Photo: Gtres / ABACAPRESS.COM)

The purpose of the sacrament is to seek divine help from Saint Jacob to carry out humanitarian and political tasks. This year, King Philip dedicated the show to the victims of the recent fires that hit the country.

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At the sound of the national anthem and under military honors, King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor, Princess Asturias and Infanta Sofia entered the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

Before the ceremony, the royal family greeted the crowd in the Plaza del Obradoro. Queen Letizia and Princess Leonor wore brightly colored dresses, while Infanta Sofia wore a pale satin dress. According to Vanitatis, the Princess Leonor dress is from Cayro Woman, a very affordable brand whose model sells for 90 euros.

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