Quinté + on Thursday 11 August in Enghien: Expectations

Look for Equidia’s five-year forecast for Thursday, August 11, 2022 in Enghien, Prix de la Concorde. Departure at 8:15 pm. 13 entrees. trot. tied. 2875 meters. Runners age 13 and up. Nine of them should make twenty-five metres.

Possessing two successes and a place on three attempts since the start of the summer meeting at Enghien, Farrell Seven (6) has just won power in shorter rounds. On his way, the actor Jean-Michel Bazir promises that it is inevitable again.

The winner here at the Prix du Mécoc, and especially before our favorite Doux Parfum (12) also makes a rationale for this collection with Eileen (9), the author of a compelling entry in this course that will be completely unfinished this time.

Without a midway error, Déesse Noire (7) would have finished Quinté+ on July 27. We’ll then keep it ahead of Dreamer Boy (8), who’s still competitive despite their 9 years, and Crack Atout (2), very prominent during their last two rounds of this course.

Although he probably would have preferred a shorter distance, Dénicheur du Vif (11) is not unemployed for a place with Dassero (1), who loves the Enghien.


6. Farrell Seven
12. Sweet smell
9. Eileen
7. Dark Goddess
8. Dream Boy
2. Crack Trump
11. Snitch Seeker
1. Daciru

the last moment

2. Crack Trump

The Horse He Will Follow: Farrell Seven, Jean-Michel Bazire’s Deadly Weapon

profile : Farrell Seven is a full horse, short- and long-distance competitor. Served at four feet on Thursdays, he always does his best in the circumstances.

The opinion of its knight, Nicolas Bazir : “Varrell Seven won more easily than the gap in the end indicated last time. He stayed well. He does all the distances. On such a field, he must fight for the podium.

his stats : Farrell Seven finds a very positive post here. Moreover, there is plenty on hand and barefoot. He will be associated with Nicolas Pazir. Farrell Seven D4 with Nicholas Pazir on the track: 3 races, 1 win and 2 places.

Its time to compete : Resident Jean-Michel Bazier’s last run on this course, 2875 metres, dates back to July 13. On that day, he had a time of 1’13” 9. Compared to his opponents’ times that day, this is not the best performance. In fact, the fastest is the Black Goddess who clocked 1’13” 00 on July 9.

Its current form : He’s having an excellent summer meeting in Engin with two wins and third place. Rodeo’s son Jocelyn will find Nicholas Pazir in his faded home. The tandem displays success with 3 wins and two runners-up in seven races. He estimates the course and delivers a D4.

Herve Engel’s opinion : He’s earned two successes and a place in three attempts since the start of the summer meeting in Engin, and Jean-Michel Bazier’s representative has just won power in shorter rounds. On its way, it looks phenomenal again.”

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