Quinté + on Wednesday 13 July 2022 in Enghien: Expectations

Find Equidia’s five predictions for Tuesday 12 July 2022 in Chantilly, Prix de l’Opéra. Departure at 8:15 p.m.. 16 entrees, ages 7 to 10. 2,150 meters.

After restricting places, he 8 Folly Poissonni He found a fair reward for his efforts by winning the Grand Prix de Lignières on June 11, against many competitors he found here. Despite his number on the outside, Village Mystic’s son must prove to be formidable.

Senior Course Specialist and Author of Victorious Returns in Avignon, and 4 Eastwood Park Also represents an excellent potential in this batch with 2 Esperanzoin a clear return to form as evidenced by the last second place in Vincennes.

Even if they had to compose with numbers on the second line, competitors like 11 Farrell Seven, and 10 El Santo Hofor and the 13 Vlad Del Ronco They all have their chances of getting a place.

Then we will hold them before 3 Eagle Missloisintermittent but not without means, and 1 Elica Perrybarefoot unlike his last attempt in the green cup stage for Sable-sur-Sarthe.


8. Folly Poissonni
4. Eastwood Park
2. Esperanzo
11. Farrell Seven
10. El Santo Hofor
13. Vlad del Ranko
3. Eagle Misslois
1. Eliska Perry

last minute:

8. Folly Poissonni

Focus on Fawley Buissonay, Mister “Consistency”

Profile: After distinguishing himself several times over long distances, Fawley Buissonay is back on the track. Don’t panic because resident Jean-Marie Monklin also performs well on this road with seven podiums in 12 races from 2,100 to 2,150 metres.

Coach Jean-Marie Moncklin’s opinion: “Fouly Boissoni just won in a fun way in Lignières. Before his number was discovered outside we were confident. Number 8 is really hurting him. He’s a tracker who needs good racing action. He’s fully recovered. It will all be a matter of the course.”

statistics : Enghien is a racetrack that does a good job for our favorite because in seven races he has two wins and two places, an 86% in 5.

His times in competition: Fawley Buissonay’s last performance on this track dates back to August 12, 2021 at the Prix de la Porte de Milan. On that day, he finished third with a time of 1’12” 2. Good time compared to his rivals. If we refer to the times since March 1, 2022, only Forum Meslois scored faster than him: 1″ 12″ 0 in this course on March 18 .

Its current form: Fawley Buissonay continues to do well and shows consistency. In his last eight races, Village Mystic’s son has been in the top five only once. He approaches this race with a victory and confirmation that he beat most of his opponents in Lignières last time.

The opinion of Anthony Roy, journalist at Equidia: “He has found a good entry because he is a 7-year-old horse who will face horses bigger than him. Fawley Buissonay is in good shape, he just won the Lignières. He is a good horse who enjoys this kind of flat track. He is from The fastest in the race, but the negative point in his nomination is the number behind the automation (8). He will start from the outside and his driver will have to make the right choices so as not to put too much effort during the race.”

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