Quinté PMU – Long Hurdle Prediction for National Holiday July 14, 2022

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The Prix Longines Handicap de la Fête Nationale, Quinte on Thursday, in ParisLongchamp, collected sixteen miles. The fifth of the fifth, last month, in Saint-Cloud, at the suggested distance, Principle (photo) We would have a preference.

4 principle : This 4-year-old who has been training across the Rhine has already had three successes in eight races. Additionally, his handicap debut resulted in his fifth-place finish last month at SunCloud. His luck is clear.

11 San Cristobal : With commendable consistency last year, he was removed from the competition from May 2021 to June 2022. After scoring an encouraging fifth place for his comeback, moreover on the proposed track, he started from this level with strong claims.

7 exciting : In three performances in fives, he signed for second place and one out of fourth. On the other hand, it just took fourth place in the well-composed Grand Handicap of Lamorlaye Longines, last month. Lots of results you give it a good role to play.

2 Celestine : He finished second in last year’s runway at Saint-Cloud before racing several Grs.III. A respectable sixth rank in the Grand Handicap de Lamorlaye Longines, last month, for his debut at this level, deserves to be noted.

3 Powerjacks : proved that he would have been reckoned with in tournaments of this nature. He notably won five, in May, at Saint-Cloud, before recently confirming at Longchamp. Only downside: his number is outside in the starter booths.

8 Harper : Although he hasn’t passed center stage since October 2020, he is clearly showing commendable regularity. He has never finished more than fourth in his last six races, even signing on to five podiums. Watch out for his first appearance on this level…

1 Simmons King : She could boast a fifth place finish in May at the ParisLongchamp racetrack. Since then, he concluded on the heels of the previous name, on the way he will find it here but before it San Cristobal. It is a place filter.

16 transformer tests : This 4-year-old was trained by Mikel Delzangles He found his way into this company. He particularly won fifth this year, in March at Saint-Cloud and has since signed several places. Watch its ending.

In the event of no hostility: 14 HAVOC

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Stephen Davy’s Choice

4 Principle
11 San Cristobal
Regular odds
7 Thrilling
2 Celestine
3 electrical socket
the outside
8 Harper
1 Simmons King
16 Transformer test

Prognosis Summary:

4 – principle

a blow to the heart
11 – San Cristobal

crazy moment
3 – power socket

ZEturf.fr . forecastZEturf.fr . forecast

Headwinds in the heat wave!

Z5 Event support, Zeturf’s leading bet

This obstacle to the Millers could fall into the hands of Carmen Bosky’s student headwind, pounds by the hand designer and returned to his favorite racetrack with the highest ambitions. The match was not won in advance against Harperwho will take part in his first handicap of 39.5 and with Olivier Beslier in the saddle, and in Thrilling, which proved its shape at a distance of 1800 meters from Chantilly and returned across the mile with great claims. You will need to watch closely troperunner-up at the Z5 Reference event on June 16 at 1,400m from ParisLongchamp and its extension by Robin Schoof, and Transformed test, near major achievement in major handicaps and entrusted again to Eddie Hardouin. don’t forget principlewho behaved well only above Mill Saint Cloud marking her first steps in heavy handicaps, nor fog, who has just been unlucky at the 1400m ParisLongchamp and will be hungry for revenge. We will supplement our selection by mentioning San Cristobal, on the rise and capable of making a fuss from its first steps in the handicap, and electrical socketwho won the Z5 Evénement on May 25 at 1,400m from Saint-Cloud before being confirmed fifth at ParisLongchamp despite the penalty kick.

Choosing ZEturf.fr

number. horse jockey
5 feathers LEMAITRE a.
8 Harper PESLIER O.
7 Thrilling DEMURO C.
13 turbine Pusheen A.
16 Transformer test Hardwin H.
4 Principle MURZABAYEV b.
15th the fog Fillon mm.
11 San Cristobal Thomas Ron.

press selection

Every day, Canalturf invites you to consult Quinté Race +And the List of the ten horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris Cycles, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press).

number. horse jockey
8 Harper PESLIER O.
4 Principle MURZABAYEV b.
1 Simmons King Joyon M.
16 Transformer test Hardwin H.
15th the fog Fillon mm.
13 turbine Pusheen A.
3 electrical socket forest m.
2 Celestine Barzalona m.
10 Ascot Angel Plank S.
14 HAVOC Bachelot T.

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