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The Prix de l’Opéra, Quinté this Wednesday, in Enghien, at an altitude of more than 2,150 metres, will see a flying start, the greater part of which will see great fame in tournaments of this kind. Starting with our favourites Esperanzo (photo), who has just proven her good form in Vincennes, at the speed track.

2 Esperanzo : This resident of the Moutier family has always had the means. This is evidenced by his fifth place finish in the Critérium des 4-ans (Gr.I), in 2018. He now shines in the fives, calculating one win and four places in nine attempts. For the second time recently in Vincennes, it looks great.

8 Fowley Poissonay : If he’s still looking for a first level five win, he’s racking up no fewer than eight places in nine shows. Moreover, after a series of honors, she returned to victory last month in Lignières. His favours have already been seen on this path and on this planning, he will have logical recipients.

11 Farrell Seven : He no longer had to prove himself in such a company, achieving five victories in the nine contested slots. On the other hand, his only tour of this course was crowned with success in October. After a training course, at the beginning of the month, in Sable-sur-Sarthe, here he was able to get people talking about him again.

4 Eastwood Park : The Village Mystic son has had two wins and a number of places in five consecutive races. Additionally, his success last month in Avignon attests to his current good physical condition. With seven podiums, including four victories, in ten matches on this track, his luck was evident…

12 quiz stars : This mare, trained by Clement Thomasen, won five, this winter, at the end of November in Vincennes, before being disqualified from competition from December 2021 to May 2022. She now has two courses in her legs. Therefore, it is necessary to start watching him closely … distrust.

10 Santo Hofor St. : He has proven he should be reckoned with in tournaments like this, with a win and three places in nine straight races. Even if he was conservative during his recent rides, and even if he spotted the track in Enghien, no one would be surprised to talk about him again in the field.

3 Myslo Forum : True, he stays on unsuccessful outings. However, she is the silveriest in the race and provided a pleasant finish to the race for a third place finish in the fifth Prix de Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, in March on the track that interests us. So it would be unwise to hastily condemn her.

9 god of navigation : It seems here forbidden to win. However, in eleven outings at this Engin racetrack, I scored six podiums, including two victories. Even if she had to compete here with her students, complicating her task, she would not be surprised when she came to raise the reports of the quintet.

For non-runners: 13 VLAD DEL RONCO

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Stephen Davy’s Choice

2 Esperanzo
8 Fowley Poissonay
Regular odds
11 Farrell Seven
4 Eastwood Park
12 Quiz star
the outside
10 El Santo Hofor
3 eagle mislo
9 god of navigation

Prognosis Summary:

2 – Esperanzo

a blow to the heart
8 – Fawley Poissonay

crazy moment
4 – Eastwood Park

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number. horse driver
2 Esperanzo Mater m.
11 Farrell Seven Bazir n.
8 Fowley Poissonay My lips AA
4 Eastwood Park Ravvin E.
13 Vlad Del Ronco Abrivard L.
3 eagle mislo Bertrand d.
10 El Santo Hofor Abrevard A.
5 Dream cash Erno A.
16 quick face Gilormini J.

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