Quinté PMU – SIGN PRIX DE LA CONCORDE August 11, 2022

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Picture of Eileen Arrival Prix de la PORTE D'AUTEUIL - CE - QUINTE + - Hippodrome d'ENGHIEN SOISY 04/23/2022

Quinté + Thursday in Enghien with harness race C level, over 2,875 metres, for children aged 7-10 including those who have not won €400,000 – 25m drop to 220,000. Eileen (Our photo) A serious competitor for victory.

9 Eileen A high-quality mare, she has four wins, one runner-up and two third places in nine games at Engin. Its shape is sure and the opposition in its strings. It’s our favourite.

6 Farrell Seven : winner of Quinté+ on July 13th in Enghien, then third place on July 27th, still in Enghien, then winner of Race B, still in Enghien, over 2,150 metres. The increased distance will not bother him. It would be very logical played.

7 Dark Gods : On June 8 in Laval, she won the GNT (Group Three) stage. And on July 9, in the Quinté + A-level in Enghien, it was ranked third. It’s an excellent finishing tool, and it would be formidable if run well.

12 sweet scents : Second on June 3 in Vincennes in Race B and winner of the course of interest at Quinté+ Level C on July 16, this 9-year-old is better than ever. It would be very risky to conflict in this event.

11 Spinner : On June 18 in Engin, in the A over 2,150 metres, he bravely returned to victory. It has volume at this level, but at this long distance, it is a priori less efficient. But for somewhere, that’s a possibility.

2 crack origin : In Enghien, ranked 2nd in Quinté+, D and C, on July 16th and 27th. Given its shape, it can be considered a place.

10 EQUINOX JIEL : After nearly nine months of absence, this outstanding player finished ninth in his comeback on July 16 at the Engin Stadium. He is sure to run for the lead this Thursday. Not to be overlooked for a small place.

8 Dreamer Boy : Fifth in the C race on July 16 in Enghien, behind Eileenthis brave customer is able to compete for a small spot in this event.

If not starting : 1 Daciru

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Choosing Nicolas Labora

9 Eileen
6 Farrell Seven
Regular odds
7 black goddess
12 sweet smell
11 Spinner
the outside
2 crack origin
8 Dreamer Boy

Prognosis Summary:

9 – Eileen

a blow to the heart
7 – The Black Gods

crazy moment
8 – Dreamer Boy

ZEturf.fr . forecastZEturf.fr . forecast


We find well-known competitors in our area Z5 event, main game Zeturf, this Thursday in Enghien. In their garden on this path, Eileenpresented completely barefoot for the occasion, and Farrell Sevenwho has already racked up two victories here this summer, must be fighting to rise to the top of the podium. sweet smell It just dominated most of its competitors today in this course. Trump crack They will try to take advantage of their initial advantage, even if they are only up front by four. 3rd place in the Prix de la Manche, dark goddess He should not be hastily convicted of his latest misstep. Snitch quorum You’d be better off at speed. Daciru And the dreamy boy You will benefit from the slightest failure in the favorites.

Choosing ZEturf.fr

number. horse driver
9 Eileen Dereux R.
6 Farrell Seven Bazir n.
12 sweet smell Beckert d.
2 crack origin Navard F.
7 black goddess Verva pie. s.
11 Spinner Abrevard A.
1 Daciru rochard b.
8 Dreamer Boy good dr.

press selection

Every day, Canalturf invites you to give advice Quinté Race +And the List of the ten horses selected by the main newspapers of the horse press (Paris Turf, Tiercé Magazine, Bilto, France Turf, Last Turf, Le Progrès de Lyon, Ouest France, Paris Cycles, Le Parisien, France Soir, Turf, Le Favori, Turf Matin, Ocean Press).

number. horse driver
6 Farrell Seven Bazir n.
9 Eileen Dereux R.
12 sweet smell Beckert d.
2 crack origin Navard F.
11 Spinner Abrevard A.
7 black goddess Verva pie. s.
1 Daciru rochard b.
8 Dreamer Boy good dr.
10 EQUINOX JIEL Toman d.

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