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A strange creature in the sky of California, the private and family diary of an immigrant’s journey, a famous manga quote, a crazy bird… The show promises to be eclectic, this week, in dark rooms.

No: great epic

with Bobhis third feature film, Jordan Peele, brings a dream come true to popular fiction, blending depth of fantasy with epic horizons, revisiting Hollywood legends – regiments in the desert, man measuring himself against the outdoors… -, to breathe new life into them, returning to Primitive Sources of Cinematic Pleasure and Wonder.

Story of the Bobuntranslatable onomatopoeia indicating fluctuating rejection (” no “), revolves around a family of horse trainers, the Haywoods, who work in the film industry. After the accidental death of their father, OJ (Daniel Kaluya) and his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) grab hold of the family farm an arm’s length, in the suburbs of the California desert. One evening, OJ surreptitiously saw in the sky what looked like a flying saucer. Brother and sister smelled a favorable opportunity there: if they could take a picture that could be used on TV, then fame and fortune would come in handy.

So the challenge in the film will be purely cinematic: it’s a matter of taking a shot in order to prove the reality of the alien machine in the clouds. It is clear that transferring key roles to African Americans (OJ and Emerald), Asian Americans (Jupe), or Latin American minorities (Angel) is no small feat: they have a role in reviving these myths. Here Peele continues his anti-American portrayal in its fringes.

One of the greatest successes Bob It can be said that it resides in its creature, whose beauty has avenged us for decades against horrific digital monsters. Half-aquatic, half-aerobic, undecidable body between inflatable or organic matter, floats in the atmosphere overwhelmed by a thousand transformations. It responds generally to these two forces of cross-fascination of cinema and the living: like form in perpetual motion. Matthew Macheret

An American film by Jordan Peele. With Daniel Kaluuya, Kiki Palmer, Stephen Yeun, Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott (2hrs 15).

Far from home: dreaming of a better life

“And my Bleu de Chanel, take it?” In Beirut, Jamil, a young man of Syrian origin, hesitates, packing his suitcase in preparation for the big departure. You have to choose what is absolutely necessary so that you do not have to throw anything into the sea if the boat is rocks. In a few hours, Jamil will fly to Turkey, where he will secretly ascend to Greece before heading to Stockholm. A hundred kilometers from him, his brother Milad gave his last music lesson in Damascus. He also dreams of a better life in a city abroad. Think of Berlin. This is where he wants to fill the concert halls and craft the fate of a rock star for himself. We are in 2015, Syria is not emerging from war.

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