Red noisily enters theaters

In Bordeaux, a fire alarm was triggered during the inspection. Pathé

Since Wednesday, the feature film based on the world’s best-selling manga has been shown in Pathé cinemas. During the inspections, accidents were recorded.

Highly anticipated movie 1 piece: red It arrives in French cinemas on August 10. The new movie of the world’s best-selling manga is distributed and shown in France by Pathé Cinemas. This is the fifteenth film in the series, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year.

Even before it was officially launched, 1 piece: red He was already talking about it. During the previews, the frantic audience overflowed. A video shared on social networks captured a chaotic scene filmed in full show on Sunday, August 7. La Joliette’s cinema in Marseille was overwhelmed: popcorn sent in the air, shirts cut off, a handful of people throwing themselves on the screen…enough to disrupt the session.

If it can make you smile, this incident isn’t isolated. At another screening of this film, this time in Bordeaux, spectators sounded the fire alarm. They would not have appreciated the revelation at the end of the work.

Moreover, these differences not only affect piece. They are regulars through the aisles to the Japanese animation movie cinema for the general public. For example, a few months ago, while showing the movie Jujutsu Kisen 0 In the Grand Rex, similar floods occurred. Several men had entered the room bare-chested. These onlookers received a call to order.

These repeated scenes infuriate the masses. “Tu paies ta place de ciné pour que des détraqués passent devant l’écran, se mettent torse nu et jettent des pop-corn pendant la scène la plus importante du film… Ne me parlez pas dambiance, c’est du grand n’ anything‘ annoyed the user.

“Child’s Good Spirit”

In the eyes of Nathalie Ciutat, Deputy Managing Director of Pathé Films Distribution, these pranks need to be put into perspective. “For us, this is not an issue. Yes, some fans went into a meltdown in the final seconds of the show. But this is part of folklore, it still has a very good character.Moreover, she notes that the directors of the cinemas in which these scenes took place do not look comfortable, on the contrary. “These films represent a good opportunity to attract a very large audience, cinema needs to find these spectators‘, she begs.

Even if the intent of the rioters is not bad, the audience is upset and rallies are studied. “Japanese anime movie fans often discuss one solution to split the sessions into two parts. On the one hand, those who want to enjoy the movie, and on the other hand those who see it as a social event where they can celebrateBenjamin Benoit, a journalist specializing in Japanese animation commented. Treat to study if events recur.

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