Renault breaks her silence and offers some advice

Renault has officially contacted about the technical problem with the Mégane E-Tech without a heat pump. Action, advice and instructions: this is what the French brand sent to its customers.

Source: Renault

At the beginning of August, more and more testimonies accumulated about a technical malfunction related to the Renault Mégane E-Tech. The reason: the air conditioning compressor, which failed after fast charging on the Ionity station or the Tesla Supercharger. Only models without a heat pump appear to be affected.

In search of explanations, Frandroid contacted the French group. without result. However, Renault broke its silence by crafting an official response to its customers. Some of them posted it on the Facebook group “RENAULT Megane E-Tech 100% electric”, a community space where many testimonials were shared.

Low chance of shutdown

The aftermarket department at Renault France begins to recognize a technical error, but wants to reassure consumers. Chances of collapse will be slim. “We have determined a low probability that your New Mégane E-Tech’s air conditioning system will be 100% electric (no heat pump) out of service when fast battery charging is used.“.

The Tricolor Company also guarantees that “The solution will be implemented remotely during the month of September without the need to go to an authorized Renault garageIn other words, the manufacturer may be planning to publish a minor software update to correct the situation.

Renault offers some tips to avoid any mishap. “In the meantime, we recommend that you keep the cabin air conditioning on during fast charging. To prevent it from automatically closingA specific procedure must be followed:

  • connect the car to the station;
  • start charging from the station;
  • car ride
  • Make sure the front and rear doors are closed during shipment;
  • Press for two seconds on the central multimedia screen;
  • Activate the air-conditioning via the A / C button;
  • Make sure the air conditioning light is green. Otherwise, press the A/C button.

The manufacturer insists on two points: do not close the car doors before charging and keep the air conditioning system running, again during the charging session. At the bottom of the page, you should take into account some small notes that should not be hidden.

Number of Mégane E-Tech affected: the mystery remains

Renault specifically states that opening and closing doors before loading “Causes the air conditioning and central multimedia display to turn off (necessary for the air conditioning to activate, editor’s note) after 60 seconds“.

Remember that models equipped with a heat pump are not affected by the phenomenon. This device is available as an option at a price of 600 euros on the component car. Also, Renault has not officially communicated about the number of damaged units, out of the 4,736 Mégane E-Tech sold since the beginning of the year.

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