Renault is unrecognizable! Fans are shocked to see the singer.

Singer Reno was taken to the hospital for heart surgery. Now he is fully recovered, and he is resuming his life.

According to climatologists, France is experiencing the most difficult summer in recent years. However, there are lulls here and there. It was one of those lulls that allowed singer Renaud and his friend Jean-Paul Rove to rediscover the pleasures of kayaking.

nice walk

On the banks of the Sorge, in Luberon, the two friends decided to land on July 9, 2021. Actor Jean-Paul Rove took pictures of their trip, which he shared with his followers on Instagram, giving fans the opportunity to discover another side of their favorite singer.

Singer Raynaud

The singer and actor was in life jackets accompanied by Pierre, one of Renault’s assistants. The two friends had a great time, judging by their bright smiles.

The singer, who spends most of his time on Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, managed to take another vacation with an old friend. In fact, it wasn’t the first time they found themselves during the holidays. A year ago, Renault and Jean-Paul Rove spent a few days together, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The photo posted by the actor of the movie “Our Happy Days” reassured many Internet users. You should know that the world-famous singer underwent heart surgery at the Pic Saint-Loup Clinic in Montpellier in October 2020.

The announcement of this cardiac arrest caused great concern from Renault fans. But the operation went well and the singer was able to return to his home in Vaucluse.


Fan relief was noticeable on July 9 when Jean Paul Rove posted this photo. Some, like Maurice Bartelli, even allowed themselves to mock Renault.

Well done wearing a jacket in the water 30 cm deep, comment on the photo.

Singer Raynaud’s Reorder Process!

Raynaud’s operation seems to have opened up new horizons for him. In fact, Reno’s worldview seems to have changed since he was released from the hospital, to the point where he asked Roman Cerda to marry.

For the singer, this request is due to the fact that Raynaud is jealous. It appears that Malone’s mother has moved, which is not the case with Raynaud. Unfortunately for the Mistral Winner singer, the beauty turned down his offer.

However, this negative response did not affect the affection between Roman Cerda and her ex-husband. She even revealed that she still finds him cute, but the question of getting married again is not on the agenda.

Despite what might go against them, Roman Cerda is happy that Renault has regained his health. She and her son Malone visit him often, allowing him to see that Reno is taking care of him. This indicates that he still has a bright future ahead.

Reno’s daughter

Lola Sechan is the daughter of singer Reno and Dominic Quillicini. On August 9, 2021, she will turn 40, and this is a chance to find out who she is and, above all, what kind of life she is leading.

Raynaud as a father: How many children does he have?

W9 dedicates its evening to the famous singer Raynaud. The documentary, entitled “Renaud in the Name of the Father”, immerses himself in the artist’s world, on the occasion of the release of his eighteenth album “Les mumes et les enfants d’abord”.

The channel teams followed the singer during the development of this new project, as well as his relatives. The twin brother of Renaud Séchan, as well as other people around him, revealed some secrets about the singer. In this new album, consisting of twelve titles, Reno evokes in music his childhood and youth as a whole.

Everything seems to be going well for the Mistral Gagnant singer, both professionally and personally. Raynaud is also a well-known artist and the father of two children. On August 9, 1980, his daughter Lolita was born, the fruit of his love for Dominic Quillicini.

Many years later, while spinning perfect love with Roman Cerda, he welcomed his second child, Malone, now 14 years old. If the 69-year-old singer is very conservative about his private life, he does not hesitate to talk about his relationship with his children in his songs, but also in his autobiography published in 2016 called “As a Lost Child”.

Singer Raynaud

And so he asked his son Malone for forgiveness because he was not present enough in his life. What kind of father am I to Malone? from depression.

On the other hand, he seems to be very close to his daughter. Lolita also knew the joys of motherhood, as she is the mother of Heloise, who was born out of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Renan Luce. Daughter of Reno and Dominic Chillichini has also embraced an artistic career. She writes children’s books and picture stories.

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