Reveals the damage that happened to her face!

This summer, Diane Lear went to Guyana to be crowned her first regional beauty queen. During her stay, Miss France broke one of her teeth.

Diane Laer never stops entertaining her followers with the comedic adventures that she tells on her Instagram account. Currently in Guyana, she has once again become a victim of her own legendary misfortune. After a sunburn, an important part of her smile was injured.

Miss Guyana, the second Miss Elected for Miss France 2023

For the election of Miss Tahiti, Diane Lear was absent. The beauty queen attended the election of the second regional beauty queen in Guyana. Throughout her adventure in Guyana, the young woman’s fans never missed an episode.

From arriving at the airport to the coronation, Diane Laer shared everything on her account. The young woman noted how she felt that she was present for the coronation of Miss Guyana.

On her Instagram, she wrote special feelings mixed between memories of my first steps, nostalgia for the early days, and pride.

Young women are ready to step forward with their qualities and determination to try and win the Miss France title.

Diane Laer is proud of these young women’s conviction. The winner of Miss Guyana 2022 is a young 20-year-old. Saina Robin, a student student from Koro, will represent Guyana in the Miss France 2023 competition.

Miss France will be elected in December in Châteauroux. This is where Diane Laer will hand the crown to the new beauty queen of 2023.

Diane Lear from Guyana

Miss France 2022 will soon be a columnist for Virgin Radio. It is known that the beautiful brunette is very clumsy. Her followers on Instagram are well aware of the misfortune of the young woman.

The last time, at the Cannes Film Festival, Diane Laer almost broke her nose. At the airport, the door was slammed in his face. Moreover, she has not yet found outfits for the red carpet. Fortunately, the person who decided to be a competitor found a beautiful dress.

The young woman walked the red carpet in a tulle dress we dreamed of owning. Also in Guyana, Diane Lear had an accident that damaged her face. Miss France broke one of her teeth while eating.

I broke a piece of my tooth, and I posted her story.

According to her account, one of the teeth had already broken when she was younger.

it hase been repaired. And bam! She continues, “I broke my teeth because of biting them so hard.”

Diane Leyre talks to her subscribers without any embarrassment. Good or bad, she tells it on Instagram.

A visit to the dentist!

Diane Lear did not hesitate to show the disaster she had caused by biting so hard. And with humor, the young woman posted a photo in which we can see the broken tooth.

I wrote in the photo, we don’t see it often, except in a close-up like here, but it’s a gift that makes you laugh.

Diane Lear

The young Parisian will head straight to the dentist as soon as she arrives in Paris. In the meantime, she keeps a (broken) smile. And this is despite the disasters it has faced. Before breaking one of her teeth, the young woman was severely burned by the sun. The young woman admitted that it was very difficult.

Diane Leer’s transparency is impressive. Thanks to her beauty and simplicity, Diane Lear won the hearts of the French. The beautiful brunette wears the Miss France crown for being herself. Diane Lear is captivated by the Parisian, describing herself as missing out on a positive, spontaneous and graphic nature.

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