Right-wing coalition leads voting intentions in legislative elections

So a woman could lead the Italian government for the first time. Alberto Bezzoli / Agence France-Presse

The conservative Fratelli d’Italia lineup, led by Giorgia Meloni, has outperformed the centre-left Democratic Party in opinion polls.

All the components of the Italian right’s return to power are present. In the municipal elections last June, the local alliances formed among its three components – Fratelli d’Italia, League and Forza Italia – already registered a strong boost.

Six weeks before the early legislative elections, polls declared a big win for the right-wing coalition, with the right-wing coalition receiving 45 to 46% of voting intentions in the polls. With this result, the right could obtain a comfortable majority of seats in the Chamber of Deputies (more than 60%) according to the Italian mixed voting system.

In detail, Georgia Meloni’s party, Fratelli d’Italia (FDI), could come in first with 23-24% of the vote, ahead of the centre-left Democratic party. Matteo Salvini’s League could get nearly 14% of the vote while the indefatigable Forza Italia from the indefatigable Berlusconi could get about 9%.

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So a woman can lead the Italian government for the first time because, according to the terms of the coalition of right-wing parties, the first of the allied formations will get the post of prime minister. So vibrant leader Giorgia Meloni of the conservative Fratelli d’Italia party is the preferred candidate to become the next prime minister at the age of 45. During the 2018 legislative elections, foreign direct investment slightly exceeded the 4% voting mark.

“I am a Christian”

Within ten years she was able to collect in her name the indignation and aspirations of the Italians at the end of their disappointed hopes, which he overcame “dictatesFrom Brussels, the high cost of living, their children’s deadlocked future. It now embodies a certain tendency to disintegrate, having refused to participate in previous coalition governments, unlike protest and anti-regime parties such as the Five Star Movement or the League.

her motto? “God, homeland, family“. His priorities? Close the borders to protect Italy from the towers.”Islamizationto renegotiate European treaties so that Rome regains control of its own destiny, to fightLGBT lobbies” And the “demographic winterThe country with the highest life expectancy in the industrialized world after Japan by encouraging the birth rate – while reducing naturalization. “I’m Georgia, I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m a Christian”, she launched to her supporters in 2019 in Rome during a famously hot speech.

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At the end of 2012, fed up with the feuds engulfing the right, she founded the Fratelli d’Italia with other Berlusconi dissidents, still in opposition.

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