Rome Road. François Gabart wins in court and will be able to participate!

So decided the Paris court. According to shipowner Didier Tabari, SVR Lazartigue has received the go-ahead from the courts to take part in the Next Rhum Route.

“I am happy with the decision of the Paris court that put an end to the injustice that the SVR-Lazartigue trimaran was facing. Millions of enthusiasts will be able to follow the Rhum path in the best conditions, and this decision represents, above all, the victory of sporting values. I hope the dialogue with Ultim will resume. Class in a quieter way in order to restore the climate of confidence that allows us to prepare for the future.”Didier Tabari, CEO of KRESK Group and owner of the boat, testifies.

I am relieved that this decision allows me to calmly focus on training and the competition that lies ahead. I am also happy to find the other skippers on the starting line. All these boats together will still allow for new and unforgettable races for all the enthusiasts who have shown unyielding support. Comments by François Gabart, captain of the Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue.

Judgment on the procedure

The case between the world record holder’s solo tour and the Ultim 32/23 class involved a gauge certificate (compliance with regulations) necessary to participate in the Route du Rhum, which the class rejected.

At the hearing on the suit, on June 23, the court had to investigate the case within the strict framework of the summons presented by François Gabart and his sponsor: to obtain a report on a February 16 meeting between members of the Ultim class, the French sailing federation and the SVR-Lazartigue team, ordering dismissal to pay compensation, as compensation for the damages caused to them, in the amount of 18 million euros. It must be remembered that the purchase price of the boat by SVR from Macif was €13.75 million (excluding VAT).

These minutes, created after a meeting in February that was somewhat tense between the two parties, have overshadowed the possibility that the international sailing federation, World Sailing, was busted from an interpretation of the famous Rule 3.11 of the OSR (safety rules which refer to the prohibition of placing winches below ship surface).

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The signed protocol also explicitly stated that if World Sailing’s response (which turned out to be unfavorable) intervened after March 4, Ultim Class had pledged to issue a certificate of measurement. So the court had to decide on procedure and form, not substance.

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