Saint-Vallier: at the headquarters of Envol

At Envol headquarters, there was great excitement on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, to celebrate the centenary of Lord wife Jacqueline Dellant, a first of its kind for the structure.

The staff and all residents were delighted to celebrate Jacqueline’s 100th birthday in the presence of Mayor Alain Philibert.

His daughter, who lives in Australia, and his grandson, who lives in New Zealand, were also present to share this beautiful and powerful moment of exchange and complicity.

Jacqueline is amazing. She recounts episodes of her life, testifying to the richness of the journey, the rather extraordinary curriculum, as if ordinary and ordinary … She has lived in many countries, rubbed shoulders with many cultures and had many encounters.

She simply says, “I was lucky.” “I did a lot of sports, physical education, tennis, golf … petanque.”

“In Australia, I won a competition, we tied the teams, and I found myself with the Australian champion, who was also French, and we won!”

Jacqueline is inexhaustible, simple, composed and distinguished: we can spend hours and hours listening to her speak in her soft voice, telling us about war, wars, travels, diplomacy, Australia, Turkey, … in short, life…

“It’s a reconciliation of life,” said one resident.

A journey, a planetary journey…

Jacqueline Delante was born in Saint-Ambrouil in Saône-et-Loire on July 18, 1922.

She grew up in Chalons-sur-Saône, where her father was a lawyer.

After receiving her second baccalaureate in 1939, she continued her higher education at the University of Dijon where she obtained a law degree in the middle of the war.

She wanted to be a lawyer.

Thirsting for independence, as she herself says: “Salvation is in escape!” »», she joins the Red Cross as a paramedic. At 23, she left for the battlefields of northern France.

When the war in France ended, Jacqueline became involved with the Red Cross in what was once Indochina where the war was still going on.

The war ended, and with her desire to remain in Saigon, she found a job there. Then she met, as part of a conference in India, Eric Ward, an Australian diplomat. They married and Jacqueline joined him in Australia in 1949.

After 4 years in Melbourne and the birth of her first two children, her husband joined the United Nations. The family then moved to New York, where their third child was born. It is the beginning of a life that takes the family from one country to another for 3 or 4 years at each stage.

From New York to Manila, from the Philippines to Jerusalem where his last sons were born, then from Belgrade to Ankara and finally to Vienna. These long stays were always interspersed with vacations in Saint-Ambreuil or Chalon for family reunions.

At the time of retirement, Jacqueline and Eric split their year between Australia and Saint-Martin-la-Patrol in Saint-Loire.

In the mid-2000s, Jacqueline settled permanently in France after the death of her husband. She settled first in Marseille near her son and finally again at Saône-et-Loire in Saint-Vallier where she was so well received in the residence of L’Envol!

JL Bradens

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