Salome and Swan find Alban dead on the beach | Solal drunk by Tony – Here It All Begins July 26, 2022 (Episode 451) | Here it all begins

Find out the detailed synopsis here, it all starts pre-season 2 with Episode 451 airing on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 on TF1. Antoine and Rose try to find a middle ground for Suleiman. Greg decided to tell the competition students all about the threats. Elliott reconciles with Greg.

The full ITC series recap for Episode 26/07/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in preview, everything you need to know.

Greg reveals the secret to the contestants

Find the full summary ofHere It All Begins Episode 451 Broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday 26 July 2022 (See summaries in advance This is where it all starts ): Summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 07/25/2022 Connected.

Noémie does not respond to Greg’s messages…even if they have been read. Greg and Marius decide to go search Noémie’s room to see if they find anything. They come across Noémie’s kitchen jacket that was put back in her dressing room. Marius thinks Noemi is dead.

Guillaume has received quotes for new student accommodation. Antoine does not understand that everyone is ready to destroy the vegetable garden. Antoine does not give his consent, work is off.
Rose can’t believe Antoine doesn’t support her. Antoine wants to find a compromise, he suggests that together they strive for a solution. Rose offers to keep half of the vegetable garden: Solomon

Solal ITC

Solal does not want to see his parents

Salome and Swan spend time together on the beach: Elliot joins them. Elliot is sad, says he got it wrong. He tells Greg he wants a break because of Marius. Salome advises Elliot to swallow his pride to talk to Greg.

It’s D-Day to launch Olivia Lestrak’s summer internship. On the first day, candidates will revisit Ratatouille in pairs. Axel and Gaetan share pairs, and Solal finds himself with Tony to match the levels.

Solal ITC

Things are not going well between Swal and Tony

Benoit Delobel is proposing to replace Noémie in the competition, and Cardone believes this is unfair because he did not pass the qualifications. President Bury believes that no one can be replaced along the way. Delobel blackmails him into entering the competition or they find 4 more stars to compete.

Solal is impatient with Tony, who struggles with slicing leeks. Solal slowed down, he’s tired… He asks Olivia to be patient. At the institute, he will not always be able to choose his partner.

Olivia ITC

Students at Olivia’s coaching meeting

Solal gets a call from his parents who tell him they will come tomorrow to celebrate his birthday and invites him to Double A. Solal says he doesn’t have time.

Here It All Begins In Advance Episode 451 on July 26, 2022: We Wanted to Kill Greg

Greg is swimming in the hotel pool, and someone tries to drown him by holding him underwater for so long. Greg had blood on his chest. Elliot arrives… and Greg tells him we tried to kill him, and he must warn the others. Greg calls the students to tell them what’s going on. He wonders if someone is getting revenge on the boat or on the Alban. Greg and Elliot reconcile.

Salome ITC

Swan and Salome make a shocking discovery

Deva has an idea, and she thinks Solomon should talk about it to Vatel Prize-winning Theo. Theo will not agree to his housing.

Salome tells Swan that she was scared to death. Swan Zen, finds it hard to believe that anyone can take revenge. Swan says they will be careful when in doubt. Swan offers Salomé to go eat pizza in town and suddenly they see Alban’s corpse on the beach brought back by the sea.

ITC Alban

Albany found dead

The highlights here It all starts from 26 July 2022: What to remember

Alban’s body was found on the beach
– Swan has a strange reaction to Greg’s discoveries
– Delobel replaces Noémie for competition
Solomon doesn’t want to destroy his botanical garden
Solal is on a team with Tony that doesn’t fit the summer training period

we saw

The +

  • The thrill and summer feel good together
  • Swan and Salome are beautiful together
  • Greg and Elliott make up


  • Benoit Delobel a Teyssier n° 2 by blackmailing him
  • No trace of Lisandro, Anna did not even mention him!

The main cast

Agustin Galliana, Benjamin Baruch, Fabian Wolfrum, Aurelie Pons, Nicolas Anselmo, Elsa Longini, Frederic Deventhal, Terence Tilly

Episode duration (average)


Follow Summary Here It All Begins Episode 452 Starting from Wednesday 27 July 2022 with a focus on the actor Benjamin Baruch who plays Chef Emmanuel Tessier, Director of the Institut Auguste Armand and Elsa Longini As Chef Clotilde Armand as well Nicholas Anselmo Who plays Elliot? .

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