Sandrine Koutier tells behind the scenes her departure from TF1

Sandrine Kuwaiti Barzan Nasser / abaca

In 2018, the TV host left the TF1 group after twenty-four years in the business. This Friday, the actress and singer returns to the magazine public About this decision, which she had initially kept a secret.

Last April, TF1 saw the departure of Alessandra Sublette. After 20 years at the helm of programs, the presenter announced that she wanted to devote herself exclusively to comedy. A decision that was reminiscent of four years prior to the decision of Sandrine Kittier.
In 2018, the successful front page host left the channel to start his career as an actress and singer. “I thought about my life afterwards, anticipating my desires for music, fantasy and theater. It seemed logical to me to stop feeling like TV did the trick”admit Friday to the magazine public.

At the age of 51, the presenter of “Dancing with the Stars,” “MasterChef,” or even the “100 Greatest…” referred to what she considered The challenge of starting an adventure from scratch. Sandrine Kittier is the singer of a rock band called Molly Pepper He plays comedy in theater and television, notably in several TF1 dramas. “I stayed on very good terms with the channel. When I announced my departure, they quickly did it Suggested roles»as you say. “A way for TF1 to accompany him in his new life”. The actress was seen in Josephine, Guardian Angel or camping paradisedespite of ‘Super surprise’ from his previous band.

“For ten years, Nikos has been telling me I’m an actress”

Sandrine Kuwaiti

If Sandrine Quettier kept this project a secret at the time, it was because she “I imagined the worst” Like not finding a job. Fortunately, the former host was able to count on the unwavering support of her owner, Nikos Aliagas, with whom she co-hosted ’50’ Inside from 2007 to 2017. “He was in confidence, it was above all he who kept telling me for ten years that I was an actress”. Always complicit, the man in The Voice’s controls keeps it up Follow his journey, encourage him, all with great kindness..

Sandrine Kittier made a drastic decision “He did not win in advance.” Four years after retiring from the small screen, she’s not short of work. In addition to the rock band, its roles in the theater or on the screen, the former presenter prepared a program production fund for companies. In spite of “Very nice moments” The actress and singer confirms that she keeps it in memory “Not wanting to go back to working on TV”.

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