Senegal accuses Canadian police of ‘beating’ one of its diplomats

Canadian police were embarrassed on Saturday after the arrest of a Senegalese diplomat in the outskirts of Ottawa, in contravention of international rules, denouncing “elemental verbAnd violent, Canada is promisingcomprehensive investigation“facing an accident”unacceptable“.

The Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated, on Friday, that it had summoned the Chargé d’Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Dakar the day before,Strongly condemns and strongly condemns the racist and barbaric act“.

We are deeply concerned about the alleged treatment of a Senegalese diplomat by the Ville de Gatineau Police Department (SPVG).The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded in a press release. “What happened is simply unacceptable.»

Canadian police made Tuesdayancestry houseof Senegalese diplomacy thatpractice” on her “Physical and moral humiliationAccording to Dakar.

Canada takes its obligations under the Vienna Convention very seriously“The government of Justin Trudeau insisted, noting that this agreement has governed diplomatic relations for more than 60 years and”Provides for a number of immunities, including from any form of detention“.

At the end of Saturday, the government of Quebec – the province where the accident occurred – announced the opening of an investigation by the Bureau of Independent Investigation (BEI, Quebec Police Force) after “Police intervention that raises questions” Reverse “First Counselor (sic) of the Embassy of Senegal in Canada“.

An ambulance has been sent

Police in Gatineau, a suburb of Quebec in the Canadian federal capital, have admitted to the altercation that occurred on Friday night, which occurred on Tuesday when the warden was “By order to be executedAsk for police help.

Despite being reminded of the victim’s diplomatic status and the inviolability of her home, Canadian police officers handcuffed and beat her so brutally that she was having trouble breathing, resulting in her being evacuated by ambulance to the hospital.According to the Senegalese authorities.

For its part, Canadian police confirmed that they had previously confirmed that “The court document was already valid and the court employee who authorized the court order was informed that the person had diplomatic status“.

After that, SPVG was added, “Faced with an aggressive person and refusal to cooperate, the police intervenedTo restore calm, but now is the time.”A policewoman was punched in the face and injured“.”So the police decided to arrestfrom the diplomat. but she”resist” And the “Injured by the bite of a second policeman“.

Senegalese diplomatThen he was placed on the ground to be subjected“then detained”In the back of the patrol car, under the supervision of a policewoman, while the sheriff carries out his order.‘but for’no one“Diplomat moment”He did not mention any injury or painCanadian police confirmed. However, a few minutes later, an ambulance was sent to the diplomat, the police admitted, without further details.

comprehensive investigation»

The Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that it had handed over “protest noteto Canadian authorities. he is “wanted“to be investigated”Urgent and legal action taken against the perpetrators of this unacceptable aggression“.”Canada will continue to cooperate fully with Senegal to remedy this unfortunate situation.Ottawa confirmed.

“We are working diligently with the various levels of government involved and are awaiting a thorough investigation.”the Canadian government said, noting that the Canadian Chief of Diplomacy, Melanie Jolie, is In contact with his Senegalese counterpart, Aissata Tel Sal. Senegal”reserves the right to take any other appropriate actionDakar warned.

Senegal is one of Canada’s main partners in West Africa, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks regularly with Senegalese President Macky Sall, their last talks dating back to the end of June.

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