Senegalese diplomat arrested in Canada owes more than 34,000 euros to her owner

The Senegalese diplomat, whose recent and violent arrest in Canada caused a protest in Dakar and embarrassment in Ottawa, owes more than 45,000 Canadian dollars (34,000 euros) in compensation to her owner for severe damage to her home, according to a court document.

This order of the Administrative Housing Court, obtained by Radio Canada on the evening of Monday 8 August and which AFP was able to consult, has reignited the controversy by highlighting the fact that the Senegalese diplomat was sentenced on 2 June on charges “unpaid rent” And the Compensation for damages to housing. But the Canadian government renewed its condemnation of the incident.

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“Atrocities against people whether they are Canadian citizens, visitors from abroad or diplomats, in any case, these acts are unacceptable.”Chrystia Freeland, the number two in the Canadian government, asked about it on the sidelines of a trip to the Toronto suburbs. Our government will follow up.The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Jolie, specified on the same day that she spoke with her Senegalese counterpart and assured him that the Canadian government “Looking forward to a full investigation” there is chance.

In contact with AFP, the Senegalese embassy in Ottawa did not immediately respond.

“The furniture is full of cockroaches. The furniture is cut and scratched. It is lacking. Everything is dirty”Can we read in the court document that was revealed on Monday evening. The basement floor is wet and there is mold on the basement walls.Has been chosen.

‘The police got bitten’

This ruling appeared after the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced “Strongly” He condemned, on Friday, the arrest of his employee by provoking a violent act, ‘Racist and barbaric’In spite of The diplomatic status of the victim and the inviolability of his home. “Canadian police handcuffed and beat her so brutally that she was having trouble breathing, which led to her being taken by ambulance to the hospital.”has criticized the Senegalese authorities.

On Saturday, the government of Quebec – the province where the accident occurred – announced the opening of a police investigation by the Quebec police after “Police intervention raises questions”.

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Police in Gatineau, a suburb of Quebec in the Canadian federal capital Ottawa, on Friday evening admitted the altercation that occurred when a judicial officer was “Order to be executed” Ask for police help.

The police said they encountered ‘An aggressive and uncooperative person’.

A policewoman was punched in the face and injuredrefers to a press release, and “So the police decided to make the arrest.” The diplomat. but she “resist” And the “Wound from the bite of a second policeman”.

to me ” no one “ Diplomat’s moment “I didn’t mention being hurt or hurt”confirms the police department, which is however aware, without further details, that an ambulance was dispatched a few minutes later.

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