Seven questions about the abolition of the red stamp announced by La Poste

The red character is in its final months. La Poste has announced the sale of this small piece of paper, effective January 1, 2023, which guarantees the next day’s “priority mail” delivery, it announced Thursday, July 21. In question, evolution “Uses” And the A very heavy energy balance. Franceinfo tells you more about this little revolution.

1What did La Poste announce?

The general group announced that it will review the basic set of postal services on January 1, 2023, to save money and try to follow the development of uses, in the face of the boom in electronic messages and online payments. Instead of mailed checks.

In this context, the marketing of the red stamp, which guarantees the distribution of “priority” mail on D + 1 and sold for 1.43 euros, will cease from January 1, 2023.

2Why remove the red stamp?

“D+1 volumes have been split by 14 since 2008”With 300 million items currently out of the seven billion messages La Poste sent in a year (twice as much as it was in 2013), Service-Mail-Parcels branch president Philip Dorge justified. Families sent 45 messages
Priorities per year in 2010, only 5 in 2021”As the press group says, (Link in PDF). This has become costly and environmentally friendly, as the group uses less and less planes, trucks and vans.

“Customers have different expectations today.”insisted Philip Doorg, whose services interviewed 22,000 clients. “Digital media, emails, SMS, etc. have been widely adopted for urgent shipments”also explains the group in its press file.

3What will it be replaced with?

The red stamp will give way to a new hybrid mode, called e-lettre rouge, non-physical, for sending urgent items.

Concretely, it will be necessary to send a document, up to three sheets, before 8 pm on or from a post office via an automated machine or with the help of a consultant. The document will then be printed by La Poste in an office near the recipient, placed in an envelope and distributed the next day. This service costs €1.49 compared to €1.43 for the current red stamp. An increase justified by the group by the fact that in the new formula, Envelope and sheet cost included..

4How is the confidentiality of digitally sent mail ensured?

Contact franceinfo, Philippe Dorje guarantees this is an inevitable “total” taken into account by the group. “A machine will print the mail and do it Automated postage packing in secure locationsis a promise.

In cases where a counselor is needed for people who do not have the means or knowledge to start the procedure from their homes, he guarantees it office account managers They will be trained on the need for secrecy, and they “I will stand at a distance” Coupon when helping dispatchers.

5And for people who find it difficult to navigate?

“What about the elderly who cannot move and who took advantage of the postman’s passing to deliver their mail?” asked one of our netizens in the livestream, after the announcement of La Poste.

Philip Dorje explains that the group is considering a solution For people who find it difficult to move around. The idea is that they can contact the postman at home who will be equipped with a tool to send mail over the Internet to them. But this solution is still being studied and its date has not been announced.

On the other hand, from January 2023 La Poste will offer “turquoise plus letter services” spread over D+2, with follow-up notifications and fixed compensation in the event of significant delays. It will be offered from € 2.95, depending on weight – a cost higher than the cost of delivering red or green letters. But this message can be picked up from the sender’s personal mailbox.

6Will all stamps be removed?

no. The Green Seal, which is most used for daily correspondence, will still be sold, but the mail will be delivered at D + 3 and no longer at D + 2. On the other hand, its price will remain unchanged at € 1.16 for shipments up to 20 grams. This stamp will also be offered next year in digital form, with an eight-character alphanumeric code, sold online for the same price, which you just need to copy on the envelope.

On the other hand, Ecopli – the cheapest formula, of little use, for a shipment in about four days is currently priced at 1.14 euros It will also disappear.

7How long will red stamps that have already been purchased work?

The new collections from La Poste will be on sale from January 1, 2023. But “All products purchased before this date can continue to be used without specifying a date in the coming years”Philip Dorje Promises.

For those who wish to, “Possibility to exchange products from the old range with those from the new range at post offices” It will be available, subject to terms and conditions to be announced later.

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