“She has inspired so many people, children, women and minorities,” fans react to Serena Williams, icon on the verge of retirement.

Over 40 degrees on the pitches under the harsh sun. At Flushing Meadows, on the site of the US Open, a few unwary people are dodging responsibility. Among them is Michael, almost 70 years old. The latter followed the entire career of Serena Williams. “In singles and doubles with her sister (Venus, Ed) they were unbeatableHe remembers. It is without a doubt the greatest of all. A player who can take the right shot at the right time. I don’t see anyone who can match him in the near future.”

“You have to remember where it’s from: Compton, California, it’s the worst place on the West Coast. So go from there and become the best player in the world…”

Michael, tennis fan

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Reaction among many others to the long text delivered by a world tennis legend to the magazine Vogue magazine. The 40-year-old American, who has won 23 Grand Slam titles, assures us that “countdown on”… The hero explains in particular that she wants it Focus on her role as a mother. She is currently participating in the WTA 1000 tournament in Toronto, and her last tournament is supposed to play at the location of this US Open in September.

If the news was not surprising, it elicited numerous unanimous reactions mixed in immense admiration and warm thanks, at the climax of a woman who brought tennis into a new era.

At the 1999 US Open, the player won the first of her 23 Grand Slam titles. She may be in the same location as she will play the last game of her WTA career at the start of the school year (August 29-September 11). Jamie is a regular starring as she eagerly awaits: “Oh yeah, I hope to be here to see her. I don’t think she’ll win, but she’s been the best for 20 or 25 years. Strength, mobility. Good luck in the future, she deserves it.”

In the Astoria neighborhood, other aficionados have swapped rackets and weaves laurels with tennis champion Serena Williams, but also women’s, African-American, fashion icon and entrepreneur.

“She has inspired so many people, children, women and minorities. It was great watching her play all these years. Her strength and self-confidence, she is a hero, but I also look forward to watching him transition into a new life.”

Cindy, fan of Serena Williams

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“Tennis being a predominantly white sport has helped me a lot to be a role model. I saw someone like me dominate the sport and made me believe I could do that too”brimming with 18-year-old American hopeful Coco Gauff, who is already ranked 11th in the world.

Obviously, the future departure of Serena Williams indicates that ‘end of cycle’notes Steve, a former tennis coach. “It makes me feel old because I watched a lot of tennis when I was younger and Serena was there when I started. She was a great example, not just in the States, to all the women…

“She is one of the greatest athletes and not just in tennis: in all sports.”

Steve, former tennis coach

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And the story isn’t over yet. On Wednesday, August 10, Serena Williams plays the Round of 16 in Toronto.

Fans React to Serena Williams’ Upcoming Retirement – Report By Luigi Lowry

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