St. Paul: Tenants respond to Anastasi, homeowner and street resident

Anastasi, a 54-year-old homeowner in Saint-Paul, has been living in her car since February 2022. Since 2017, she has rented her home to a family while she was living in France. However, since November 2021, she is no longer receiving a rent payment. Returning to the island, Justice agrees with Anastasi and orders the tenants to be evacuated. Despite everything, they still live in the house of fifty. They respond to the case.

Having sought justice several times, Anastasia still lives in her car while her tenants live in her house for free. His last answer.


Tenants explain:First of all we would like to remind the owner that we are doing our best to leave the premises and that we have already packed most of the boxes, as she could see when she stormed her house on the morning of Saturday 9 July at 8am, accompanied by several men to force us to leave, and get rid of some Our belongings, the theft of house keys, and screaming for more than an hour without any means of discussion, which would have the effect of frightening and shocking our children between the ages of 7 and 17, who unfortunately witnessed this scene. Fortunately, the gendarmes of St. Paul intervened to remind them that it is in the best interest of all to respect the law and procedure.

They complete:It is important to note that we are in a state of law, that the landlord has rights and so does the tenant, the legal process thus far is running its course, the file is in the hands of St.Paul Sub-County. We have taken all steps in our power with Social Housing owners and are awaiting the commission decision in our favor for August.“.

They complete:In fact we are a priority, we have two minor children we can’t sleep outside on the streets of Saint-Paul and we don’t have a family in Reunion unlike the owner, there is no way to get other non-social housing so we have to wait for this apartment to be allocated in this month of August“.

regular payment

Speaking of payments, the tenants completed: “The rent of 1,424 euros was paid per month (paid at the beginning of the month between 01 and 03 without any delay from July 2017 until April 2021), i.e. 64,080 euros. We asked the landlord before moving into her home for financial insurance that would make it possible to secure future rents in the event of a payment incident, so we paid €9,961 into a dedicated account available to the landlord via an approved financial center who specialize in escrow accounts to secure tenant rents (Contract signed by Mrs. Louise)“.

But Madame LouiseExplain the tenants, To prefer to start the eviction proceedings and not to keep the legal and moral contract in particular, by proceeding as such: take the money (9961 €) only after 9 months from April in order to break the contract when, according to the contract, he should have paid himself this money which was at his disposal. But despite all this, we insist that all means should be provided to leave the building as quickly as possible.”

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