Stage and yellow jersey for Vingegaard, Pogacar by default, rating

France tour. What a crazy 11 stage in this Tour de France 2022 race with a yellow jersey victory for Dane Jonas Vingegaard over Romain Bardet. Watch the race live.


  • Summary of stage 11 of the Tour de France. A really tough day stage for former French champion Warren Bargel. Present in the morning the 20 riders in particular separated with Wout van Aert, Pierre Latour or Mathieu van der Poel before the latter surrendered, the Frenchman isolated himself in the Galibier Pass and secured victory until the last kilometers of Grannon’s ascent. But in the face of the rhythm of the yellow jersey team and the attack of Denmark’s Jonas Weinggaard, unfortunately, “Wawa” did not last the distance. The Jumbo rider even managed to blow up Tadej Pogacar, stopping even in failure at Col du Granon, who lost his leader’s yellow jersey and possibly the Tour de France to the Dane.
  • For the French, a very good operation today is for Romain Bardet. The DSM captain is chasing behind Jonas Vingegaard, and is now second in this Tour de France ahead of Geraint Thomas.
  • Catch the full Tour de France 2022 and live with us until the end in Paris and find out the stage classification and general classification at the end of each day.


16:48 – Red Flame!

Jonas Weinggaard flies towards stage victory on Wednesday, July 13th. The Dane must win stage 11 of the 2022 Tour de France, his first at Grand Bouquet.

16:46 – Gaudu captured Pogacar

Far from the start of the last climb, David Gaudu is back at Tadej Pogacar.

16:45 – two kilometers before the end!

Jambo-Visma’s work at the Col du Galibier is beginning to bear fruit. Tadej Pojakar could not follow the attack of Jonas Weinggaard who flew towards victory and the yellow jersey. 1’30’ ahead of the Dane-Slovenian.

16:42 – Vingegaard flies away

Jonas Vingegaard poles off on the eleventh stage of the Tour de France 2022. The Dane is 1’01 inches ahead of Tadej Pogacar while Nairo Quintana is second on the stage at the moment. From behind, Roman Bardet approaches the Colombian.

16:39 – Vingegaard’s virtual yellow jersey for the Tour de France 2022

In third place at the 2022 Tour de France, 39 seconds behind Tadej Poujacar before the eleventh stage, Jonas Weinggaard is 41 seconds ahead of the yellow jersey with 3.7 kilometers to go.

16:38 – Quintana takes over Barjeel

A great racing composer so far, Nairo Quintana has captured Warren Bargell on the final climb. The Frenchman will not make the breakthrough during this eleventh stage of the 2022 Tour de France.

16:37 – Vingegaard attacks!

Jonas Vinggaard has just attacked Tadej Poojakar. The Slovenian does not have the strength to fight back and allows the Dinky to escape.

16:36 – Barkiel suffers

Warren Bargill struggles with this latest ascent. The French player is chosen by his colleague Nairo Quintana.

16:34 – Roman Bardet’s attack

Nobody expected it but Romain Bardet just attacked the yellow jersey team. The French will try to control Nairo Quintana and banish the yellow jersey group, which is not moving at the moment.

16:32 – Quintana widened the gap and returned to Barjeel

While he left the yellow jersey group at the start of the Col du Granon Serre-Chevalier, Nairo Quintana is now 40 seconds ahead of Tadej Pogacar.

16:26 – Quintana held out

Nairo Quintana is 1’52’ behind Warrin Barguil but 20′ seconds off the yellow jersey set where David Gaudu was dropped.

16:24 – Latour is back

Nairo Quintana cleans up the latest ascent of Cole de Granon-Ser Chevalier. The Colombian has passed all the contestants between him and Warren Bargell. Cyclists from the Arkéa-Samsic formation head the eleventh stage of the Tour de France 2022.

16:22 – resumed Geschke

Nairo Quintana took charge of Simon Geschke’s Polka dot jersey as the yellow jersey group found itself a few meters away from the Colombian.

16:20 – Quintana attacks

Nairo Quintana attacks the yellow jersey while teammate Warren Bargil leads the race. 2’42” Advance for the Frenchman on Tadej Pogacar.

16:17 – It’s Over for Van Aert

After participating in the break-up, and bringing Primoz Roglic back into the yellow jersey group, Wout Van Aert gets up and finishes the eleventh stage of the Tour de France 2022 at his own pace.

16:14 – The gap is melting

Warren Bargill loses a lot of time at the start of this climb. 3’30” ahead of the Frenchman’s yellow jersey group.

16:13 – Barguil deals with Granon

Warren Barguil has just begun his final ascent to the Col du Granon Serre-Chevalier. 11.3 kilometres, 9.2%: this is what awaits the peloton until the end of the eleventh stage of the Tour de France 2022.

16:06 – Gaudu is back in the Yellow Jersey . group

David Gaudu is back in the yellow jersey group. The Groupama-FDJ Frenchman has taken advantage of the qualities of Wout Van Aert to go downhill to join Tadej Pogacar, Jonas Vingegaard or Romain Bardet.

16:04 – Two minutes ago for Barqil

Warren Bargill widens the gap at the helm of the race. Less than seventeen kilometers before the eleventh stage of the 2022 Tour de France arrives, the Frenchman has a 2’20-inch lead over Simone Geschke, Pierre Latour and Dylan Tunis.

15:56 – The gap is getting bigger for Barqil

1’39’ ahead of Warren Bargel over Simon Jeschke at the head of stage 11 of the 2022 Tour de France. The Frenchman will soon head into the final climb of Cole de Granon sur-Chevalier.

15:53 ​​- Van Aert wakes up

After capturing the yellow jersey team, Wout Van Aert got up to support distant Primoz Roglic and limit lost time.

15:52 – Van Aert is taken over by the yellow jersey

Led stage 11 from the start, Wut van Aert took charge of the yellow jersey team. The green jersey will be able to help Jonas Vingegaard at Col du Granon.

15:49 – Bardet in the yellow shirt group

The group of yellow jerseys has been more numerous since the beginning of the Col du Galibier’s descent: Adam Yates, Geriant Thomas and Romain Bardet in particular have returned to Bougacar and Vinggaard.

15:43 – delay for Gaudu and Roglic

David Godot and Primus Roglic summed up Col du Galibier at the same time. The two riders are 1’52’ behind Tadej Pogacar.

15:42 – Wout Van Aert Vingegaard awaits

Leading the eleventh stage of the 2022 Tour de France from kilometer 0, Wout Van Aert awaits its leader Jonas Weinggaard to back him up on the final climb of the Col du Granon Serre-Chevalier.

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Up to the 21st and final stage of the Tour de France scheduled for the Champs-Elysees in Paris, find the full Grande Boucle general classification after each stage, with the riders and all the gaps:

What is the classification for today’s stage of the Tour de France?

Until the final stage of the Tour de France scheduled for July 24 on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, find out every evening the final day’s classification, with the winner and all the gaps on the finish line.

What are the dates for the 2022 Tour de France?

The Tour de France is traditionally held in the first three weeks of July. Only the 2020 edition deviated from the norm, the coronavirus pandemic forced organizers to postpone the race to September. For the 2022 edition, departure abroad is obligatory, departure is not done on Saturday but on Friday, the July 1, 2022. Access will be judged The Sunday 24 July 2022. On this date the peloton will arrive as usual on the Champs Elysees.

What is the Tour de France roadmap 2022?

Tour de France race director Christian Prudhomme revealed the track for this 109th edition last October, which is extremely challenging with only a few chances for runners to shine through the planned 21 stages. On the other hand, adventurers, trekkers and climbers are in the mood with its many beautiful stages to shine, such as the cobbled theater, Planche des Belles Filles and the end at the Alpe d’Huez. The Pyrenees also celebrate before the conclusion of the 2022 Tour de France with a time trial in Rocamadour. This is the map that contains the exact track for this 109th edition of the Tour de France cyclist, which, in this edition, sets aside the entire country’s west, as well as the southeast. The East, Central and Southwest, on the other hand, celebrate this 2022 edition of the Tour de France.


What are the stages of the 2022 round?

Here is a list of the stages of the Tour de France 2022 cycling race, which links Copenhagen to Paris. This year the peloton was invited to travel through Denmark in the first three stages, before moving to northern France (Dunkirk, Calais, Lille), with a few dozen kilometers of cobblestones. April 14 July. The course of the tour was then plotted toward Isère, Loire and Saint-Etienne, then toward the west, with a stage at Carcassonne before the entry of the Pyrenees into the final battle. The final detour via Rocamadour precedes the final stage between La Defense and Les Champs:

  • July 13: Stage 11 Albertville-Col du Granon Serre Chevalier, 151.7 km
  • July 14: Stage 12 Brianson – Alpes d’Huez, 166 km
  • July 15: Stage 13 Port-de-Oisin-Saint-Etienne, 193 km
  • July 16: 14th stage of Saint-Étienne – Mendy, 195 km
  • July 17: The fifteenth stage of Rodez – Carcassonne 200 km
  • July 18: Rest in Carcassonne
  • July 19: 16th stage from Carcassonne – Foix, 179 km
  • July 20: Stage 17 Saint-Gaudens – Pyragodes, 130 km
  • July 21: Stage 18 Lourdes – Otakam, 143 km
  • July 22: 19th stage Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors, 189 km
  • July 23: Stage 20 of La Capel Marival – Rocamadour, 40 km (Single Trial)
  • July 24: Stage XXI Paris La Défense Arena – Paris Champs-Elysées, 112 km

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