Store Opens July 14th: Here Are The Stores Open This Eid!

While some are preparing to take part in the big parade in Paris, others are eager to discover one of the many fireworks scheduled for the evening. But for those who want to take advantage of this vacation to go shopping? Is it an impossible task or on the contrary perfectly playable?

Why National Day on July 14?

A little history to get you started. Especially since the idea received still stands as to why July 14 is a national holiday. The law making this day a national holiday was passed on July 6, 1880. It is generally associated with the storming of the Bastille in 1789. But it is actually on July 14, 1790, Union Day, which is officially celebrated in France. But celebrating the storming of the Bastille is not wrong. The date was chosen because it speaks to the largest number of people because of this event, unlike other proposals that have been made.

For more than a century, France has celebrated itself every year, looking back at its history to better look to the future. A large military parade is being organized in Paris, in the presence of the President of the Republic. In the evening, thousands of cities light up fireworks.

Two years after COVID-19, this July 14th looks relatively normal, even if the Yellow Vests intend to use this symbolic date to come back. A call to protest has been launched and will undoubtedly be widely followed. As a reminder, the large-scale social movement was stopped only by confinement.

Stores open on July 14th!

It may not work on July 14th. Since today falls on Thursday, your work may be under evaluation. A perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the events organized at home or near you on this national holiday. But if you want to do some shopping, is that even possible? On public holidays, stores tend to be closed. It depends on the holiday you say. And you’re right. The vast majority of businesses are usually closed on Labor Day.

On other public holidays it is generally possible to find a few shops that change their opening hours of course, but remain open. This is especially the case for Carrefour. The group, thanks to several local brands (market, city, etc.), can welcome you on this national holiday. Visit the website to see which stores are open.

Large groups, for the most part, do not close the doors to consumers. They are open at least in the morning, to let everyone take advantage of this holiday to do some shopping. On the other hand, if you plan to do your shopping at Action, the group stores will be closed beforehand. For food purchases, this should not be a problem, but for other purchases, July 14th is not the right day.

Is the sale of liquor forbidden in several municipalities?

To avoid flooding, many municipalities have established a certain number of rules. So if some stores are open, they may not be allowed to sell alcohol. It is usually done as part of celebrations such as a music festival, or during a French football team’s win. The goal is simple: to ensure that the party is not corrupted by certain behaviors.

July 14 will be celebrated in sober streets, otherwise it will not be celebrated. And if you still want to buy alcohol, It will be necessary to do this in advance, either July 13 or the morning of July 14. Feel free to visit the groups’ websites to see what stores are open and at what time. This will save you from wasting your time searching the streets of your city.

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