Stranger Things 4: Eddie is in tears, why is Joseph Quinn touched by fans in this viral video

A viral video of Joseph Quinn (Eddie in Stranger Things) shows the actor crying after a fan statement during London Film & Comic Con. Here’s why.

He quickly won the hearts of Stranger Things fans and became one of the favorite characters of the fourth season of the Netflix series. His name is Eddie Monson and he is the boss of the Hellfire Club. After being targeted by the Hawkins community after the death of cheerleader Chrissy, who he was accused of perpetrating, Eddie will be protected by Dustin and his friends.

The youngster would then take part in the band’s plan to battle Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower), the season’s big villain, particularly in an already cult scene where he plays guitar on Metallica’s song “Master of Puppets” in an upside-down world. Obviously, this lovable character would be nothing without the talent of his translator Joseph Quinn, who gained popularity thanks to Stranger Things.

No wonder the actor is touring conventions this summer to meet his fans. And over the past few days, a video of the actor in tears went viral at London Film & Comic-Con. It is impossible to miss on social networks, especially Twitter and TikTok.

Why is Joseph Quinn crying in this viral video?

And if Joseph Quinn cried, it was because he was moved by a letter from a fan that sang Eddie’s praises. But not only. The young woman also wanted to thank the actor for the time he spent with fans for autographs, photos or even discussions, when he was allegedly treated poorly by the organizing company ShowMasters:

“I don’t really have a question, I really wanted to show my gratitude. I’m sure many of us heard what happened yesterday – whether it was true or not – about how you were treated, I won’t comment on that but just wanted to say thank you from all of us, we appreciate Really make time for us.

Thanks for signing our stuff. Thank you for spending time with us and making our summer beautiful. I think we’ve all come into contact with Eddie, for one reason or another – whether we like his taste in music or he’s just as weird as I mentioned. I think we all have a piece of Eddie in us.”

Joseph Quinn struggled to hold back his tears after these kind words and warmly thanked the young woman and the audience who applauded for him. You should know that many fans who went to this event said that the staff treated the actor rough because he took so long for them to take pictures, hugs and autographs that he even yelled at him.

Translation: “The organization was a disaster and the staff was as rude as possible. But Joseph Quinn was very honest and friendly and hugged me even though the staff were yelling at him to hurry.”

The person who posted the video on TikTok explained that the organizing company ShowMasters was going to increase Joseph Quinn’s reservation with more than 400 tickets sold for a meeting with the actor, who, despite being exhausted, did everything to please fans.

Everyone loves Eddie…even in us!

From fans to cast members, everyone loved Eddie and his translator Joseph Quinn. Even in us! However, the big villain in the fourth season of Stranger Things is responsible for depression warning Eddie’s death.

While visiting Brazil, Joseph Quinn and Jimmy Campbell Bauer recorded a humorous video for Netflix in which Vecna’s translator apologized to Eddie’s translator.

The fourth season of Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

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