Supermarket: After mustard and pasta, the price of this popular food will explode

Inflation is getting worse in supermarkets. Alas, Rising prices It will last until the end of this year at least. Despite the law promising to boost purchasing power, the French still struggle to fill their shopping carts.

On the other hand, farmers in a hopeless situation. In fact, the latter are no longer able to meet the needs of their farms and animals. This is due to the constantly rising prices of some products in supermarkets.

Supermarkets are facing out of stock

According to NielsenlQ figures, the stock rate by 1.2% since last year. Climate change greatly affects the production of some products. Supermarket shelves empty quickly and struggle to get full when it comes to some everyday products.

The shortage of these foods has been felt since the beginning of the year. Mustard, for example, is one of the products that the French will find difficult to find in supermarkets. Even the experts predicted it mustard deficiency It could last until 2024.

Also out of stock for sunflower oil, vinegar and cold sauces. It is also difficult to find wheat and cereals in supermarkets. Stocks run out and prices go up. poorest consumers It is the most difficult to follow.

The price increase relates to everyday products “good market”. I already knew Labneh from semi-skimmed milk 4.5% increase since the health crisis. Unfortunately, it will increase more.

High prices in the supermarket

The economic director of the National Professional Center for Dairy Economy, Benoit Royer, confirmed that the price of dairy products will continue to increase. The latter told BFMTV that lower inflation is not in sight for dairy.

Consumers will have to deal with it price explosion In the coming weeks. This is due to the drought caused by the heat wave. Heat waves in June, July and August wreak havoc. Thus drought reduced the exploitation of herbs. The grasses used to feed livestock are no longer green and producers face a dilemma.

In such cases, farmers find themselves diving into the reserves. This fodder however is intended for the winter.

He will ask them toobuy fast food reserved for their animals. Some will have to sell part of their pasture. This way, they will have lower fees. These three options will greatly affect dairy products.

According to Benoit Royer, the milk will still be on supermarket shelves. French only can feel “absence”. Lack of milk will affect the production of dairy products such as butter, cream, cheese, etc. The absence of commodities will always have an effect on product prices regardless of the sector.

Are you negotiating prices on the horizon?

Trade negotiations on food product prices take place once a year. farmers suffer Increase production cost. However, distributors still buy milk at an unprofitable price for producers.

Last spring, the FNPL or the National Federation of Milk Producers asked Revaluation of prices. So they asked for a liter of milk to be about 1 euro.

In 2021, producers received approximately 390 euros for 1,000 liters of milk. 4.3% increase Compared to 2020. Last May, the price of 1,000 liters of milk was 390 euros. FNPL claims that this increase is not sufficient to cover the increase in production costs.

Thierry Rockefeuil, president of the union, explains that dairy producers in other European countries are getting better wages. Their network noted that in Germany, the price of a ton of milk is 480 euros. In Belgium the price is 500 euros and in the Netherlands milk producers €540 per 1000 liters.

Ask FNPL Another increase It is close to the levels of other European countries. And this, before the start of the school year, otherwise dairy producers threaten that they will turn into ‘Destructive unionism’.

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