Supermarket: this trick to replace the mustard victim of a huge shortage!

Mustard is becoming increasingly rare in stores. We can even say that there is no more. So it bothers you eating habits. But don’t panic, there are ways to replace it.

In fact, after a shortage of sunflower oil, the levels of the sauce are the victims.

Cause of mustard deficiency

Although Dijon, a French region, is widely known for its mustard, not everything in France comes from there. And yes, unfortunately most of what we consume does not come from France. In fact, the grains come mainly from Canada and our eastern neighbors. In fact, Canada exports nearly 80% of its mustard seeds to France. But in 2021, times were tough.

due to severe dehydration, Crops have been greatly reduced. Almost a third of the crops were lost. And with the current global context, we cannot count on our neighbors to the East for assistance. In fact, many crops such as wheat have already been banned and therefore cannot be exported.


However, there are ways to find A manifestation of taste mustard by other means. It is of course not the same taste but something similar. You can still make a good mayonnaise or vinaigrette without the mustard.

accompany your meat

To accompany your meat, you can do this with horseradish sauce. It’s a peppery and spicy sauce, too. Moreover, it even bears the nickname German mustard. To say it tastes exactly the same. Other foreign sauce may also be suitable. This is English and is called Worcestershire. It is spicy, but less mustard and gives a sweet and sour touch.

Vinegar or mayonnaise sauce without mustard

You may already know its taste. It is about wasabi. In fact, it is also nicknamed “Japanese mustard”. It could be a good alternative that we know of. Of course it will change the taste of your preparation a little. But it remains soft and delicate. For mayonnaise, you can replace the mustard with an egg yolk and a little vinegar.

homemade mustard

The bravest can try making mustard themselves. To do this, you need 200 ml of acid vinegar, 200 ml of water and 80 grams of mustard seeds. You have to mix. After that, it will be necessary to leave it to soak for 30 days in a cool dark place, turning it from time to time.

Next, you will have to filter the mixture, taking care to keep the seeds and liquid well. The seeds must be carefully mixed, after which the liquid must be added slowly, little by little. So you will get Sauce texture. Once the mixture is made, all you have to do is keep it in an airtight jar and in a cool place. There you have it, you have mustard. Of course, this recipe is complicated. You have to arrive almost a month and above all you have to find mustard seeds. And this is exactly the ingredient that the major brands lack.

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