Sylvie Teller was permanently expelled from Miss France: details of her departure revealed

Is enough ! The decision is completely irreversible. Sylvie Teller must completely leave her position as General Manager of Miss France. According to the information obtained on July 11, this former Miss France was forced to bid farewell to her jobs and her audience. Given the many years she has been in this entity, she must have had the coolest farewell drink to ever leave! On the contrary, it is said that his expulsion was extremely disastrous!

Sylvie Teller: Incredibly, her wish came true!

Sylvie Teller It was the avatar of the Miss France group many years ago. Having already received the title of Miss France, the latter applied to take the position of general director of the program from Genevieve de Fontaine. She didn’t stop there because she also wanted to be in charge of Talent Lab. We note that this is an agency that guarantees the monetization of candidates’ social networks!

Basically, Sylvie Teller has continued to rise through the ranks since her first public appearance. However, the somewhat disturbing details still caught the attention of viewers of the show. Once at the top, this is the ambassador of the competition He expressed several times his desire to give up everything To fulfill another dream. Moreover, she even preferred to organize a call for bids to secure her position after her resignation. Why were you surprised by this forced expulsion?

The former director of Miss France suffered the worst humiliation!

We recently heard that Sylvie Teller has been permanently eliminated from her office. The worst is that Not the best way in the world. You could say the scene is like the eviction of a tenant who hasn’t paid their rent properly. According to the confessions of the new leaders of the group: “He was explicitly asked to come and collect his personal belongings, quickly empty his office and leave!”

What a sad fate for the poor young woman! Plus, we found out that Sylvie Teller wouldn’t even be able to get her feet back on Miss France. Without forgetting it from now on, she must also give up her career at Talent Lab! Our reliable sources on the case revealed that her colleagues there plotted against her. Moreover, you will not be able to return to this agency! In short, we note that The latter is cool with almost everyone !

Sylvie Teller: She will all have to start from scratch by closing this chapter of her life!

Admittedly, Sylvie Teller had a great time with Miss France. Furthermore, no one could completely erase the indelible mark left by the latter! However, she has had her glory days within the program but You didn’t know how to take advantage of it !

Thus, Sylvie Teller deviates from the right path. At the same time, she also ended up falling in the public’s respect. If she wants to retain some of the dignity she left behind, we really hope soShe can put her pride aside and fade out of the picture For the good of everyone!

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