Taiwan: Mélenchon insists despite criticism from its partners Nupes

Insumis leader continues and signs. On Thursday, Jean-Luc Melenchon described the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island of Taiwan as a “provocation”. What infuriated her partners from the Nupes (Ecological and Social Union of the New People) who said it loud and clear. On Saturday, he reused the same term in a new post on his blog and reasserted: “There is only one China.” In his Thursday message, he also estimated, amid the tensions between Beijing and Taipei, that “the Chinese will solve the problem between them.”

He says he was “slapped” by the “extremely strange reactions” and “outraged shouts” of his critics, while “we should not want a new war front”. What kind of fear prevails over the debate? Where is the active president of French-Chinese friendship, Mr. Raffarin? What are the signatories to the cooperation agreement between the CPC and the CPC? And Fabien Roussel (National Secretary of the French Communist Party, editor’s note), after his recent friendship trip to China? The sufficiency of the first wisdom and the second wisdom dismay me,” wrote Jean-Luc Melenchon.

“You just reiterated the steadfast belief of our country”

And to repeat his arguments: “I have only repeated the steadfast doctrine of our country (France, let us remember) since 1965 regarding China. There is only one China “,” This is also regulated by international agreements accepted by our country and members of the United Nations “,” China and the United States are obliged to respect Sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other side.” He also stressed the “very cold reception that Mrs. Nancy Pelosi received since his provocation in Tokyo and Seoul.”

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The former presidential candidate questions whether his critics “believe millennial China will bow down to their positions,” and points to the danger of seeing Beijing “enter into a closer rapprochement with Russia” while “a more homogeneous bloc between the United States and Europe.” Regardless In terms of slavery and the danger of war.”

He again calls for “non-alignment” in Paris

“Macron’s France has given up playing a role in this part of the world,” he lamented, and called for “non-alignment” with Paris, at the heart of his vision of international relations. While that The Chinese Embassy in France thanked him in a tweet, He defends himself by republishing a sentence from his previous job: “Whatever scale and level of criticism that may be directed at the Chinese government, we must refuse to condone war on China to satisfy US views on Taiwan.”

Within the left-wing Nupes coalition, EELV National Secretary Julien Bayot on Friday denounced a “rather outdated vision” and “real pessimism regarding geopolitics” on the part of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

President of the Socialist Party Olivier Fourruling that if “the desirability of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is debatable, the will of the Taiwanese to live in a democracy is not.”

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