Taxes 2022: Omissions and Errors … What You Can Correct on Your Online Tax Return

It’s never too late to adjust all kinds of information announced in the spring.

Wrong amounts and omissions… When reading your tax notice, you may have realized that there were errors. Do not panic, you can correct it in your online form at This remote debugging service has been open since August 3 and will close on December 14, 2022. Note that this possibility is offered exclusively on the website of the Tax Administration, and not on the smartphone or tablet application, mentions capital.

What you can correct online

You must first connect to your own space, using your password or France Connect. Then you need to click “Go to online debugging” and change the file Items related to your expenses and income, dependents, tax deductions and credits (childcare expenses, donations to associations, etc.) or your real estate wealth tax (IFI).

Limitations of online modifications

Please note that you cannot correct everything online. In fact, if you move for example in 2021 without specifying this in your initial declaration, it is impossible to do it in remote debugging. In making the correction online, Changing the address is not possibleconfirms the tax authorities.

To make this change you have to go to “Secure Messaging”, then under the “Write” tab, to “Report a change in personal situation” and “I am changing my sending address”, details capital.

In your secure message, under the Change personal status heading, the line “I change my family status (marriage, PACS, birth, divorce, death…)” appears. To do this, go to the “Manage my direct debit at source” service, again in your safe space, and then click on “Report a change in household status”. You can modify your bank details if they are no longer up to date in the same section for withholding tax.

Note that if you make a mistake in your online declaration regarding a change in family status, you must submit a paper declaration to your Public Finance Center, supplemented by an explanatory letter requesting that this declaration be rescinded and replaced.

What about a paper permit?

To amend your tax return, you must inform the Personal Tax Service either:

In this case it should refer to 1Dr page Corrective, canceled and substituted declaration and re-enter all the elements to be declared, including the correct ones from 1Dr Announcement of public service website details.

After receiving your tax notice, you can file a claim until December 31, 2024 for your 2021 tax return.

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