Temporis VII, the best decks for all items

With over 150 Dofus mods, the deck possibilities on Temporis 7 are numerous and it’s easy to get lost quickly. Find all the information on the surfaces of each item and the situations that each group responds to.

Decks that change slightly between items

Although the combo possibilities are numerous among all the modified spells, only some of them stand out. So it seems like all the adventure end decks are taking the same direction.

The main reason for this is that Epic and Legendary changes your item scale. If the legendary was necessary, it would be located on the four floors.

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It is very useful to know what changes to make in multiple combat situations.

Best roof altered by fire in Temporis VII

Modifications are sorted by priority.

This combination allows you to overcome all situations, focusing mainly on area damage with Shrieker and Javache which will be called most of the time.

In the event of a complex battle, the others begin to act. Motabene is excellent for long-running battles thanks to the infinite spell. As for Melomask, it will be a good solution in the case of close combat.

If combat starts to get really complicated, Valdingume is perfect for increasing your damage power, as is Lycradi to keep you alive.

Best Water Changed Surface in Temporis VII

The headband of the time cuff 7 2

Modifications are sorted by priority.

Like a fire deck, it is possible to handle all situations with this deck. With a small ranged advantage thanks to Stemthorn.

Many objects depend on the scope. Making 10 eliminations per turn is exceptional and incredibly high in DOFUS.

It is also possible to add a Mogul to your deck if you need a placement.

Best altered air deck in Temporis VII


Modifications are sorted by priority.

Less effective than the water and fire paths, the air path remains fairly powerful. Parazig is able to help Javache properly with its ranged damage.

Best changed deck in Tempuris VII

dofus temporus headband headband 7

Modifications are sorted by priority.

With a much more melee approach, the trajectory of the land changes a bit from the classic meta.

In the first rounds, Enflaron is more contact resistant than Melomask. His duo with Chachampion would be more effective.

In the event of a problem, it is possible to call 3 bypassed in the connection. And if that’s really necessary, Lycradi can handle it.

Finally, Javache is here above all to ensure good damage from a distance. It is also possible to add Mutapin for more control in this way.

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