Ten things that are your own environmentally, from cooked chicken to the hydroponic pot

SelectionDurable material, responsible manufacturing, reasonable price… “M” transports accessories to discover or rediscover.

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Forgotten but now environmentally responsible, accessories that are back in fashion… “M”, Le Monde magazine, reviews ten of them, to discover or rediscover, to return to your kitchen cabinets, or niche in his living room.

salad basket

Jonathan Frantini for M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE

An accessory of yesterday and today, this basket has many qualities. Made entirely of braided stainless steel wire, it has two handles that allow it to be easily held and transported, for harvesting in the vegetable garden, for example. Before the invention of plastic spinners, they were used to drain lettuce leaves, red mullet or batavia. It was sufficient then to put oneself, the basket at arm’s length, in one’s garden or on one’s balcony and make large swings to get rid of the excess water.

Once in use, the flexible stainless steel body folds easily to be stored without taking up space. But you can also, thanks to the whale’s side system that allows it to maintain its initial shape, put it on a table to make a fruit basket. American author Joan Didion, Cordon Bleu, hung several stainless steel baskets in her kitchen to store the various fruits and vegetables she used in her recipes.

Material Stainless Steel. green profit Light and compact, it has been manufactured in France by a wire specialist since the 1960s. price 22 € louistellier.fr

cooked chicken

Jonathan Frantini for M LE MAGAZINE DU MONDE

Half spit, half tagine, cooked chicken, which derives its shape from the function for which it was designed, is an unusual object that dates back to the 19th century.e century. Its modern version, reconsidered by designer Guillaume Bardet, does not change the principle of cooking in any way. Poultry is installed perpendicular to the central top, and accompanying vegetables are placed all over the plate.

The materials that make up this utensil, food-approved enameled stoneware, have the invaluable quality of storing and gently spreading heat. Because the center pivot is hollow, the chicken meat is cooked while keeping it moist, while the juices that run off during cooking soak the vegetables. Prepared in this way a tagine or in a shirt, the latter being prepared at the same time. Thanks to this object, its recipe is almost impossible to miss. Once out of the oven, the chicken can be shredded directly into the skillet.

Material Handcrafted glazed stoneware. green profit Made in Burgundy from a mixture of natural soils from the region (clay, kaolin, feldspar, sand). The enamel is guaranteed lead and cadmium free, ensuring that it can be used without risk in the kitchen. price 85 euros. lamaisonfrancaise.com

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