The 187 Minutes Donald Trump Allowed Riots to Happen on January 6, 2021

Nothing is entered in the official diary, no record of phone calls, while there is only one official photo, that of Donald Trump in a coat returning to the White House. Otherwise, it’s the 187-minute blackout, during the endless afternoon of rioting on January 6, 2021, when American democracy faltered. After finishing his speech at 1:10 p.m. and inviting his supporters to march on Capitol Hill, the battered US president stayed in his dining room, next to the Oval Office, watching conservative Fox television. news. It took until 4:17 p.m. to finally urge the mob who had been looting congressional buildings to go home.

The Board of Inquiry into the Capitol Attack attempted to piece together the thread of events, during its last public session before the summer recess, which was broadcast on major US channels from 8 p.m., Thursday, July 21, with a notable exception: Fox News, which focused on Covid-19 contracting with President Joe Biden. The evening was heard as a thrill, as events in the Capitol were filmed and tweets from Donald Trump who refused to intervene.

During his speech, in the middle of this day on January 6, Donald Trump promised to march with his supporters toward Congress. “We’re going to the Capitol… We’re going to try to give the Republicans–the weakest of them, because the strong don’t need our help–we’re going to try to give them the kind of pride and daring they have.” says Mr. Trump, who wants to block the ratification of his rival Joe Biden’s election.

Part of the crowd is armed, some are in the trees, and Donald Trump’s chauffeur, Mark Robinson, will wait more than three-quarters of an hour for an intelligence green light to drive the president there. This green light will never come and lead to a heated argument. “I don’t know if you wanted to use the word ‘rebellion’, ‘coup’, whatever. We all knew it would turn from a normal Democratic public event to something else”A White House security adviser said on condition of anonymity.

Panic among Donald Trump’s advisers

The Commission of Inquiry considered the inaction of the former US president, while some of his supporters were trying by force, on January 6, 2021, to certify the presidential election.

As a result, from 1:25 p.m., Donald Trump found himself alone in his dining room, watching Fox News live. His official photographer recreates and witnesses live the first attacks on the Capitol. The president does nothing because he does not want to do anything, as the committee members made clear. The crowd is on its way to achieving what it failed to get for weeks through legal and political means: blocking the ratification of the elections by both houses of Congress assembled on Capitol Hill.

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