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France 5 – Monday, July 11 at 9 pm – Documentary series

During the launch of “Nus & Culottés” in the summer of 2012, the title was considered catchy for everyone, in the position “If you had to appear naked to appear in France 5, where would you go?”. Especially since the concept does not deserve to be summed up: two young men leave without money or clothes, but with two cameras on their shoulders, and in mind a foolish goal to achieve, relying only on the generosity of others. It could be anything from “rolling around in a red convertible and going to nightclubs in Paris”, In their first documentary, To Deliver a Piano Concert to a Glacier – Blanc Glacier, in the High Alps – in this Monday’s extraordinary double issue, July 11.

However, you have to watch “Nus et culottés” at least once to talk about it. We must follow in their adventures Nans (Nans Thomassey) and Mouts (Guillaume Tisserand-Mouton), 37 and 36 years old respectively, allow themselves to enter into their imaginations to appreciate their honesty and believe in the magic of confrontations.

It drew nearly 620,000 viewers from the first season; Between 899,000 and 1.22 million for the ninth season, during the summer of 2021. For others, a “10-year-old special” (on provides an overview of the series’ highlights, with codes broken: warmly dressed, Nan and Mott received, under Wooden tent, six people out of two thousand people who met in a decade. On the menu are primrose leaf toast and nettle soup.

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But, by keeping only the most moving sequences, “Special” does not reflect the progression of the “classic” episode, when “Prelude” and “Concerto for a Glacier” are typical in this respect. Against an azure blue background, the first photographs show our lieutenants near Saint-Raphaël (Var), in Adam’s costume. But with a virtual fig leaf as the stashes hidden while making makeshift boxer shorts. here we are : “We are a bush, you are cotton”says Nans to get close to the first couple, who will open their home to them and tell their life story.

“Authenticity, the cornerstone”

Then came Jamal, a fisherman from Cannes where we thought he was no longer; Stéphane, in Castellane (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), is overwhelmed when he reveals the origin of his addiction; Kevin, a young pianist and piano restorer, lives happily with his partner, in Guillestre (Hautes-Alpes), in the mountains. Everyone, according to their abilities, will help Nans and Mouts.

In a television world calmed by the constant news catastrophe, such humanity may seem suspicious. Thus some doubt the organization of upstream castings. What is refuted by Xavier Grimault, Deputy Director of Discovery and Science at France Télévisions : Authenticity is the mainstay of the Nans et Mouts approach. »

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Others criticize the Care Bear side of the series. “We will talk about incest, abandonment, alcoholism, melting glaciers …”June 10, Emmanuel Brio, co-producer. “It’s not that we just want to see the positive: rape is negative, Restricted Mouts But we bet to see otherwise. » This step aside is what feels good. It even seems that after watching Nans and Mouts on TV, the 80’s are starting to pick up on hikers again.

nudes and pantsBy Nan Tommasi, Guillaume Tiseran, Mouton, Charlene Gravel and Benjamin Kodik: an introduction And the Concerto for ice cream parlor (fr, 2022, 2 x 52 min); Replay on

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