The cheat code was discovered 28 years late working on the Switch!

This game has hidden a multiplayer mode which the player just discovered by chance while testing cheat codes.

All Super Smash Bros players are familiar with Little Mac, the super powerful boxing fighter. What some may not know is that he started in an arcade game called punch out!! It was re-released a few years later on the NES. This excellent title will have the right to a Super Nintendo sequel titled Simply Super punch!!. Today is about This sequel that just revealed some secrets 28 years after its original release.

Twitter user as Tweet embed I discovered two sets of new keys to access previously undiscovered features. Nintendo’s boxing game has many secrets because these new cheat codes give access to two game modes buried so far. And good news for Switch players: It is possible to try it from the Nintendo Online version of the title !

secret vs fighter

While two cheat codes have so far been known as the SNES of 1984, this lucky player has managed to unlock two more. You are lucky or well-judged, user explains it The symbols in this game use combinations of two keys. This greatly facilitates the chances of discovering new secrets and may explain this surprising discovery.

The first icon provides easy access to all single player matches in the game. This code was most likely implemented for debugging purposes, as it now allows players to play any fight they want without having to go through the entire game. The most surprising “newness” remains the second icon that allows you to start a multiplayer game ! And yes, it took 28 years Super punch!! Become a fighter vs.

Small Bonus Magic: Since this token gives Player 2 complete control over a (usually) non-playable character, it’s possible to unlock special moves of the game’s enemies for even more fun! If you want to try your hand at these awesome codes, here’s how:

  • Each combination must be made from Player 2’s console and Player 1 presses A or Start.
  • On the title screen, press and hold Y + R and press A to open the list of free matches
  • In the list of free matches, pressing B + Y and pressing A will allow player 2 to control the computer character.

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