The club breaks out of silence before passing in front of CNOSF!

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Girondins de Bordeaux showed their last card. After National Club 1 was relegated administratively by the DNCG, the club saw its appeal rejected by the French Football Federation. Girondin spent Thursday at a hearing before the National Olympic and Sports Committee to try as a last resort. The latter will have to decide whether or not to stay in Ligue 2. Prior to this crucial match, Bordeaux had formalized a tentative agreement to sell Seko Mara to Southampton. This transfer should bring in 13 million euros and prove crucial for the club.

On Twitter, Girondin wanted to clarify their position in a series of statements. The club particularly believes that the measures taken by the management will allow them to “develop calmly in Ligue 2 thanks to a healthy restructuring”.

complete data

We will appear this afternoon before CNOSF for a conciliation hearing. We are determined and confident in our power of persuasion because of the solidity of our case. Explanations and answers to some lies. Our file has been simplified and improved. Here are some of the indisputable facts mentioned by the Bordeaux Commercial Court in a judgment of 07/19 approving the Conciliation Protocol:

  1. The agreement ensures the sustainability of the FCGB in L2 thanks to significant savings, financing and restructuring measures that guarantee a positive cash position until 06/2023, and a reduction of approximately 40 million euros with a 75% debt forgiveness which brings us back to standards.
  2. Great efforts by our main partners, such as the Métropole de Bordeaux, which are postponing the rent payment of the stadium for next season by 4 years.

The ruling, in accordance with the requests of the prosecutor, certifies the absence of a state of suspension of payments, the continuity of agreements, and the non-infringement of the rights of third parties. Therefore, there is nothing to oppose, legally and economically, keeping the club at L2.

Some false statements then: No new items are brought in. This is incorrect: according to administrative case law, the FFF, like CNOSF, can take into account items that were produced after the decision of the Appeals Committee. Bordeaux will be in the same position as Strasbourg. forged. The state of the FCGB is in no way comparable. This is evidenced by the approval of the Commercial Court: we have the funds to quietly develop at Level 2 thanks to a proper restructuring.

The club has accepted an offer of €13 million for Sékou Mara. This demonstrates the club’s financial solidity thanks to the reconstituted player assets: thanks to this single operation, the club has already achieved almost all of its sales targets (14 million euros) in the off-season.

to summarize

Girondins de Bordeaux passes in front of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee to try to overturn the administrative reduction to level 1 imposed on the club. They presented their arguments.

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