The curling would have called… Jaylene Brown & Jason Tatum vs. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant requested a transfer at the end of June. Kevin Durant has just delivered a sacred ultimatum to the net owner. But Kevin Durant is currently still in Brooklyn. One of the reasons for this is the enormous consideration that the New York concession demanded during the negotiations regarding the Kuwaiti dinar. How huge? let you read.

This is Adam Himmelsbach from Boston Globe Who dropped the biggest valve in the evening. While the Celtics team is now part of Trusted Destinations should Kevin Durant relocate, we just learned what the Nets’ first order was during phone exchanges between Brooklyn and Boston leaders. Be careful, it’s very heavy. According to Heimsbach, The Sean Marks camp has reportedly requested Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum explicitly for KD. Yes, you read that correctly. brouwn And the Tatum. Neither one, nor the other, but both! Brad Stevens had to burst out laughing before asking Marks if he planned to become a comedian one day. According to rumors, Brad sent her a cute homemade “Put my shirt in the package” T-shirt. No but honestly, at some point you have to get serious. So, yes, we know that, as always in negotiations, each side starts with very high demands in an effort to get the best deal possible just by making concessions on both sides. Other than that, we’re pretty rude and that doesn’t make you want to continue the discussions. always according to Boston GlobeOnly after that first request at what point did WTF Brooklyn choose to negotiate more seriously by focusing on a potential package centered around Jaylen Brown. But so far, nothing has been achieved.

If the deal between the Celtics and the Nets doesn’t seem relevant at the moment, we nonetheless learn via Ian Bigley from SNY That Kevin Durant wouldn’t be against the Boston trade. KD would be somewhat motivated by the idea of ​​playing alongside Marcus Smart (His name has been mentioned in a potential package), and we also know that Durant is very close to current Greens coach Em Odoka, the former Nets assistant during the 2020-21 season. The translation, which we’ve dubbed The Snake Reaper, obviously has no problem imagining himself under the legendary Celtics’ jacket, which isn’t too surprising given that Boston would likely turn out to be a big favorite in the East should KD arrive. Some, especially in ESPNSee C as the best team in the conference at the time of these lines, they are the ones who already seem to have everything they need in store to play the leading roles again next season. Don’t forget that Odoka’s guys just dropped out of the NBA Finals and just added former Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon to the roster, enough to give serious guarantees to KD who joins them frequently and joins the teams already very close to dedication. Remember, Phoenix and Miami are also on the guy’s wish list, to which we can also add… Sixers according to the latest rumours.

Kevin Durant’s profile is still blocked right now, but thankfully, the Nets are here to make us laugh a little bit in the middle of this lovely mess. However, as the next season approaches, the pressure around the Kuwaiti dinar will increase. And the smart person who can predict today where Durant will end up…

Text sources: Boston Globe, SNY

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