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Paolo Fonseca arrived at LOSC at the end of June, had a perfect start with Ligue 1 and watched his men spread a good deal of his tactical marks against AJ Auxerre. If we are to gauge the scope of his first game in light of the weak opposition, the evolution of Lille’s game plan must be closely monitored throughout the season.

He came out of his den for the first time, at the end of June, to promise everyone who wanted to hear him play football. Attack and control based on possession of the ball and the team takes initiatives». ” It doesn’t matter if we play for PSG or another team, we want to be ambitious, proud of our supporters and we will always have the same mentality. I am sure we will build a strong team with a strong identity ”, he even insisted, adding, to be understood in several moments of his presentation to the press, that he had prepared his project perfectly, which he had not seen wearing a coach’s jacket since his departure. De la Roma, in June 2021. Thereafter, throughout In July, we heard several LOSC racers talk about their new collaboration with the one they’ve been all eyes on for a few weeks: Paulo Fonseca, 49, his pretty face, his sweet words and his desire to give back to the North Racing car, the French champion in Spring 2021, Colors in the game. Tries to achieve discipline, very playful philosophy, risk off the ball, pressure, recoverthen revealed Benjamin Andre in Pillars North soundDuring the Lille preparation camp in Marbella. We try to procrastinate, he’s picky. We do a lot of video sessions and tactical work in the field. (…]Over the past three years we have been the most counter-attacking, quick-attack team that has tried to score the fewest goals. There, there is a real risk in what the coach wants to do.“At the end of this stage of discovery, the trailer promised sparks to the followers of Pierre Moroy from the first day of Ligue 1 against AJ Auxerre, last Sunday. The promise was fulfilled.

If every early season outing has to be used with a large measuring spoon, which Lille supporters know so well, it is they who have never forgotten seeing Marcelo Bielsa LOSC crush Nantes de Ranieri (3-0) on August 6, 2017 before that same LOSC, who reclaimed him Christophe Galtier saved his skin in Ligue 1 thanks to Lippo Motheba’s double against Dijon (2-1) Nine months later, the first one brought back by Lille Fonseca’s edition looked very good.

“Over the past three years, we have been the team that has the most counter-attacking, quick-attack, that has tried to concede the fewest goals. There, there is a real risk in what the coach wants to do.” Benjamin Andre

Better, more than the wide result (4-1) and the scenario, we’ve already seen a good amount of strong tactical signs from the Portuguese technician, who made no secret of the ingredients he was going to pump into his next project during a period where advanced lessons were recently introduced in Coach’s voice . Thus, the former Shakhtar coach wanted to reinstall the 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 after deciding to switch to 3-4-2-1 from the end of his first season until the end of the season. His adventure in Rome. The fact remains that beyond questions of structure, Paulo Fonseca’s teams have always framed themselves around relatively common ideas: a strong double axis, a driving force to organize maneuvers with the ball, attacking fullbacks, inside the flanks and middles able to move forward without fear. And under pressure to advance to a group where every player must have.” Courage to take up the gameAnd the ability to react quickly to lock the opponent to the loss. Either, all we have already seen against the Auxerrois whose tongues were quickly torn, and which Jean-Marc Forlan, who wore it back, did not hesitate to concede: “When, unlike you, you have such individual and collective values, somewhere, you shut your mouth because the opponent is above you.»

Good points for dry cleaning, two lights between the lines

Fonseca, who never changes his stockings after the victory, is only in his prime, still awaiting reinforcements, has not yet been able to incorporate certain recruits (Ismaili, Martin, perhaps soon Blass), but he has already especially seen his forces shine through Its ability to penetrate on many occasions between the first and second line of defense of its prey thanks to several mechanisms, it can be determined from the first seconds of meeting:
– solidifying an organized numerical superiority against the first line of the opposing pressure, which was done by asking Thiago Diallo to attend and forming a line of three with Alexsandro and José Fonte
– Double pivot installation – here Angel Gomes and Benjamin André – responsible for attracting rival midfielders to open up space to exploit behind their backs
– Installing two players (this time Bamba and Zedadka) in the outer lanes to instil the threat and pressure in the opponent’s heads and allow the enemy block to open up inside
– Deploy two more items inside to take advantage of the open space and a higher bayou striker, to push the defensive line back and prevent the opponent from chasing

in his professionalismCoach’s voicePaolo Fonseca has rightly mentioned on several occasions this region in which LOSC was celebrated.

Fifteen seconds into play and it is already possible to see Lil’s numerical superiority in the restart, the double axis, Capella’s movement in the left half, David’s movement in the right half and Zedadka’s rise in the entrance right.

After several exchanges to mend the opposing block, Alexsandro Bamba on the left side alerts: LOSC will quickly be able to take advantage of the numerical superiority of their offensive line over Auxerre’s defense line (5v4)…

… Kabila is first alerted inside, behind Pereira’s back, while Bayo pushes Gopal-Janvier’s husband back …

… by projecting himself into his lane, Zedadka attracts Utreat while Bernard is already very far from David …

… Capella can then find his Canadian mate…

… which, with a perfect delivery, puts Benjamin Andre in front of goal. In the end, a perfect hit and 1-0.

Throughout that premiere, or rather during the first 65 minutes one way, we saw LOSC roaming around and playing with Auxerre’s defensive organization, on the ground or in the air, Angel Gomes, brilliant in a role nonetheless unfamiliar to him, and he didn’t hesitate, for example, to take out His telescope as in the fourth base movement. Benjamin Andre and Jose Fonte were also very good at this record. We will also remember a medium-length outing by Leo Jardim (23 .).e) in the first period that was at the beginning of one of the best LOSC movements.

The first symbolic sequence of the game of gravity between the dual axis of LOSC and AJA, which will allow Benjamin Andre here to touch Remy Capella.

Seconds, a few minutes later, this time with David as the target. We can also note the primary role of Bayo in controlling the outputs of the exchanges…

…which can then be spread on a pampa in the hallway.

In the other sequences, we also get to see LOSC’s good compensation: Cabella comes here to be Alexsandro’s recovery fix and then replaces Gomes, who will immediately anticipate and dive into the back of M’Changama…

…before the former Montpellier player found him.

Another player will be quickly recognized by simply touching one of the inner players…

…the desire to find and release the side player. In this small match, Zedadka was often alerted and scored the fourth goal.

Comfortable with the ball (65% ball possession up to 4th goal for 89% final pass rate – on day one, only PSG, OL and Rennes tried more) with Jonathan David unleashing some of his reflexes at home in a role close to his years in Belgium Where he could blow up all his boards, LOSC was also thrilling without the massive investment of pair Gomes-André, and the Northerners also scored their second and third goals after successful pressing after cornering AJA in a small space.

The start of the third goal, with a technical error from Brian Pereira, which will allow LOSC to organize itself and push Auxerre’s side for the error…

…Four seconds later, Capella can find David alone against Costel.

Another well-directed compression sequence code on LOSC, which locks the Auxerre recovery…

…and four seconds later, Zedadka will be able to pass the ball to Bayeux, which Gopal will interfere.

On a few occasions, we can also note the investment of attacks, notably Capella – as here – and Bayo.

“When people come to watch a match, they should see beautiful things. Even me, as a fan, if I decide to go to the stadium and not watch a good match, it is as if I am going to watch a concert and do not like what I see: I will go.” Paulo Fonseca

Logically cautious given the time period and the opponent’s weakness, but happy – and fully moved by the whistle at the first final whistle of the season – with the reaction of his new players, Paolo Fonseca, backed in the north by two young minds (Thiago Leal and Jorge Maciel), he knows he will live, as From Friday evening, a new test in the park of Nantes, a team that is comfortable in what the Portuguese coach fears most: the transfers.“They have strong, fast players and you have to be ready when you lose the ball.the technician explained on Thursday, before going to buy furniture with his wife at IKEA and Conforama.With their line of five, it would also be difficult to find the right space. Like I said after Auxerre, we have to improve and keep working. We did some good things, but every game is different. We are just at the start of the tournament. »But also at the beginning of a new adventure that we will have to follow carefully, just to gauge its limits, especially against a team that will test the ability of Lille’s return under pressure. We’ll also have to be attentive to the evolution of Fonseca’s socks that will see his LOSC go to the barbecue from the next reception, against PSG. Before that, repeat Friday morning, inthe teamher desire for sequins: “I think we have an obligation as coaches. The game is a show, it is entertainment. When people come to watch a match, they should see beautiful things. Even me, as a fan, if I decide to go to the stadium and not watch a good game, it is as if I am going to watch a concert and not like what I see: I will go. What we want to see is what makes us happy. I want to win but not only.» Definitely interesting.

By Maxime Brigand

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