The French national team successfully enters the European Championship in Rome

The French national team perfectly opened its European Championships on Thursday in Rome, during the first morning session. The men’s and women’s 4x200m relays qualified for their respective finals, which will also take place on Thursday (7:04pm for men, 6:51pm for women). Just like Emilian Matinette in the 400m medley. The final match will be played at 6:16 PM.

4 x 200m men can hope for a medal

The men’s 4x 200m sprints, made up of Moen Tomac, Sam-Amazigh Yeba, Enzo Tessik and Roman Fox, finished second in the only qualifiers in the table. Ten teams competed, but eight qualified. The Blues signed a time of 7’09”59, behind Italy (7’09”03). They can hope to get their first French medal in these European-Romanian championships. Adrien Salvain, France’s 200m champion, remains in the final.

Among the women, Usain Karnez, Julia Rossi-Penni, Marina Gill and Lucille Tesariol had the fifth fastest time (8’07”16) in the only series of 4×200 metres. There were eight participation periods, all of which are eligible. The race was used to determine the lanes for the final. The four torchbearers will swim this morning again Thursday evening. Charlotte Bonnet is competing in the 100m, and is reserved for this event and will not compete in the 4x200m.

Bonnet dominates the 100m heats

In the 400m medley – without new world champion Leon Marchand, absent from “Europe” in Rome – Emilian Matignet also confirmed his place in the final. He finished fifth in his series at 4’19”20 (the penultimate time of the eight finalists). At the age of 21, Matinette will participate in his first major international final.

On Thursday morning, seven Frenchmen qualified for the semi-finals. Among the women, Charlotte Bonnet and Beryl Gastaldello crossed a milestone in the 100-meter series, winning their respective races. Bonnet set the best time of the day (53”92) and the fifth Gastaldello (54”64). The semi-final matches will take place at 6:07 pm on Thursday.

Grosset in the 50m butterfly semi-finals

In the 200m backstroke, Pauline Maheu (2’11”36) and Emma Teribeau (2’13”89) qualified for the semi-finals. Mahieu has the fifth fastest time in qualifying. Terebo, she, the last. She took advantage of the fact that there were three Hungarians ranked before her to pass (only two swimmers from the same country could cross the playoffs). The semi-final matches will take place at 6:25 pm.

On the men’s front, double world medalist Maxime Grost (50m and 100m) qualified last June in Budapest, for the 50m butterfly, in 23’20 (the second time of the day), while Thomas Peron (23″62) On the other hand, Julien Berol (23’93) and Clément Secchi (24’22) were rejected. Grost and Peron will return to the semi-finals on Thursday at 6pm, opening the evening session.

Finally, in the 100m breaststroke, Antoine Fickert, fifth in his series, at 1’00″90, ​​qualified for the semi-finals as well (6:35 p.m.). Karl Itcaci (1’01”63) failed to qualify .

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