The fun relationship between Predator 2 and Disney + prequel

victimIntroduction to the movie Worship predator, plunges us into the heart of the eighteenth century. But another movie of the super epic predator It has already been announced.

with victimDirector Dan Trachtenberg revived the universe predator. Our enthusiastic review of victim-no predator universally because of the simplicity of its concept that decided Take the famous space hunter to the heart of America in the 18th centuryfacing Native Americans and European settlers.

If this idea may seem a surprise to some, franchise predator However, he quickly explained that the original John McTiernan movie did not represent him Not the alien’s first interaction with humans. Meanwhile, comics and movies Aliens vs Predators Explore this data in more depth, and enjoy associating the creature with specific parts of the story. Explorer or even colonizer, predator is now associated with a certain symbolism, very relevant in the case of a movie about the Comanche people mocked by history.

althoug, victim It was obviously fun Play with some Easter eggs from the saga, despite the significant temporal differences. In fact, there are even fine details of predator 2 which announced the Dan Trachtenberg movie in 1990.

I’m Captain America

prey gun

In fact, when Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) infiltrates the alien ship at the end of the movie, he takes the opportunity to expand the mythology of the franchise (this is where we first see an alien skull). Since he successfully kills the predator while hunting down Harrigan, the other crew members are rewarded with a weapon: Old pistol engraved with “Rafael Adolini 1715”..

Predator 2: PhotoEaster egg in question

in predator 2These details mainly serve to show that the aliens were chased to Earth long before they met Schwarzenegger. However, according to the summary victimthe next cross naruto adventures It takes place in … 1717. One of the wounded colonists ends up giving his weapon to Naru, and only at the end of the movie do we discover the same inscriptions there.

Therefore, it must be understood that the Predator race has He regained the gun after the events victimmay again attack this heroine who was able to kill one of the aliens (as announced by the final image of the end of credits).

creators of victim So rely on the extensions of the universe predator, even if it means the barrel may be disabled. In fact, it was an Easter egg for the gun In depth in the comics Predator: 1718. We find out that Rafael Adolini was a captain of a pirate ship, who had to face a mutiny due to a stolen gold chest.

prey: photoBack to the grass

Bad luck, the predator also chose to jump into battle, defending the captain so that he could fight against it. While much of the crew was destroyed, Adolini was shot in the back by the last surviving member of his team. He gave his last breath To Yautja (aka Greyback) his gun, tell him “Take it”. during the events predator 2the creature repeated the same words to Harrigan.

So the comic book and the 2022 movie are the only two stories in the franchise that will take place during the 18th century, as this pistol was a family tie. Now, a small film about the “Middle Ages Predator”, Hollywood will not be rejected …

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