The imposed white uniform: From Wimbledon to the European Football Championship, sports are breaking the taboos of the rules

White uniform, weight for math? The English players in the football team, who play the Euros at home and who have already secured a place in the quarter-finals, have raised their voices about their appearance.

White in the colors of England. A clean shirt leaves no doubt in the event of spotting during menstruation. However, this type of accident happens and puts extra pressure on the shoulders of women who wear white clothes.

At a time when European football is at odds with in England, the Lionesses have brought up a topic rarely addressed in discussions of women’s sport: the rules. The Telegraph reports that discussions have taken place between the players and Nike, the team’s equipment supplier, on the matter.

“It’s great to have an all-white kit, but sometimes it’s not practical when the month comes. We handle it as best we can. We’ve discussed it as a team and we’re working on it,” striker Beth Mead told British newspaper Nike.

Wimbledon clothes and pure

The topic, which sports began to take up and highlight, was also discussed at Wimbledon tennis where the dress code is very strict: white and nothing but white.

Wearing eggs at Wimbledon is an iconic tradition. \ud83c\udfbe

But for some, it can cause “psychological stress”.

BBC Sport looks at the effect of menstruation on tennis players and asks whether the issue of wearing white in SW19 during menstruation should be discussed.

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– BBC Sport June 21, 2022

In an interview with the BBC, British player Heather Watson explained that if she is tied to tradition, the fact that she can spend her life while starring is causing her stress. “I understood that I would probably have my period again (…) I decided to take a pill to avoid during Wimbledon. It’s a reflection we share among girls,” T-Shi explains.

Other than the color, the pill doesn’t prevent pain and the player acknowledges that symptoms can affect their game “I’m bloated, have cramps and are tired.”

Gradual change?

On the lionesses’ side, Georgia Stanway explains to The Telegraph her reservations about the question and clarifies that changing the color couldn’t be so simple, evoking a “potential change next year.”

listen to this.

Catherine continued to question why women’s menstrual cycle was not mentioned as a potential factor in the discussions about losing the top seed to the women’s lottery.

I’ve been in tennis for 25 years and have never thought about it, I’m embarrassed to say. It’s time to change that.

David Law (@DavidLawTennis) May 31, 2022

Whether it’s tennis or soccer, sports are increasingly making their voices heard. “I’ve been in tennis for 25 years and never really thought about it, I’m embarrassed to admit it,” BBC tennis commentator David Law wrote on Twitter in late May.

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