The last part of us: fans will rest assured

In the Daily List on July 12, we’ll be kicking off with Game of Thrones and news that will delight those who didn’t like the series’ ending. We will then continue with the news from Naughty Dog who is currently working on the first part of The Last of Us. And we’ll end with a great science and astronomy moment, coming straight from outer space. Dilly, let’s go!

The Last of Us Part 1: Sony justifies the 80 €

Our last part 1 It is Naughty Dog’s next project. The studio, perhaps one of the most famous of Rockstar, Insomniac Games and Sony Santa Monica, broke its silence just over a month after its last speech, during the Summer Games Festival last June. The studio’s immediate focus is the re-production, which was not heavily criticized when it was announced. In fact, there are few obvious differences between the 2013 work and the new release promised in September 2022 on PS5 and later on PC, only at its price: 80 euros. He says he’s very proud of the game’s developments for future re-releases, which shows that the level here is the same as for The Last of Us Part 2. The price, according to Robert Morrison of the PlayStation Studios Visual Arts entity, is justified, as it is such a delicate work that it will show the technical gap between the two versions.

Game of Thrones: Deaths Aren’t Final?

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the TV series that broke the decade of 2010. With budget records for production, piracy, viewing, and audience hype on the Internet, this series holds a favorite in modern popular culture. For many, the series was amazing for one reason: because it emerged from the twisted mind of George R.R. Martin, author of the books. A song about snow and fire that fits the series. The literary epic began in ’96 with the first book. Today in 2022 the adventure has 5 volumes, and we are still waiting for another 2 volumes, just to wrap up the adventure. Unfortunately, the TV series, which began in 2011, was faster than the music and George R.R. Martin had not yet completed his adventure, forcing the directors and screenwriters of the TV show to devise a way out of this story. And so, 11 years after the publication of the last volume so far, Martin has broken his silence, evoking Volume 6, which was nonetheless planned for 2016. He declares that the writing of the book is moving further and further away from the series.

A space you’ve never seen before

Last night we got the best shot yet produced in space. Coming to us from a brand new space telescope, NASA’s James Webb Telescope. The image of the galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 was submitted overnight from Monday to Tuesday by the White House who received it from the US Space Agency, and the view is amazing, it must be admitted. The telescope takes over from Hubble, the previous idea for NASA space telescopes, and greatly improves the snapshots we can get from space around us. Its purpose is to study the origins of galaxies and stars. In terms of efficiency, it took Hubble 50 hours to capture this shot, while James Webb needs only one hour. A big step forward for astrology!

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