‘The latest renewal’: What is this movement that disrupted the Tour de France after disrupting Roland Garros?

The “Last Renovation” campaigners succeeded in stopping the 10th stage of the Tour de France by ten minutes on Tuesday 12 July. A surprising new act for this citizen movement that wants to compel governments to take action in favor of the climate, particularly through the massive energy renewal of housing.

The name of their movement is still little known to the general public, but their actions are nonetheless very clear. This Tuesday, July 12, activists from the Environmental Gathering Latest update I managed to pause the 10th stage of the Tour de France.

As the contestants were heading toward Megève, they had to go down for about ten minutes when nine members of the group sat halfway through. A modus operandi that he often uses Latest update.

What are the working methods?

Since April, its activists have blocked traffic nine times, particularly on the Paris Ring Road and the A13 motorway. On June 3, Alizee, 22, interrupted the Roland Garros final by sticking himself in the net. “We have 1,028 days left,” the young girl’s T-shirt reads.

But who is hiding behind it? Latest update ? The movement presents itself on its website as a group of citizens who have chosen civil disobedience to warn of the climate emergency. They cite examples of the Freedom Riders, the American civil rights activists who crossed the country in the 1960s to enforce the law prohibiting racial segregation in transportation.

? Protesters block the Tour de France, and the race has been neutralized for the time being. # TDF2022

? Follow the live broadcast: https://t.co/7cUC6NPnAl pic.twitter.com/E3249dyN8E

– francetvsport (@francetvsport) 12 July 2022

What claims?

strategy Latest update Identical: “to stir up conflict in a non-violent way so as to create a national political drama that no one can ignore.” But this time around the climate issue. The movement notes on its website that it has only one requirement: “that the government immediately undertake to ensure the comprehensive and efficient replenishment of the French housing stock by 2040, and to develop a simple and gradual financing system that will take care of all the necessary business for the most modest owners.”

Where did the movement come from?

according to DinarAnd the Latest update Founded by ex-militants inExtinction Rebellion, another group used to do blows. This global movement of civil disobedience aimed at fighting environmental collapse and global warming was born in 2018 in the United Kingdom. The two groups are now part of A22 . gridIt is an organization that unites activists in ten countries.

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