The latest update brings some cool new features

On the menu: a redesigned interface, new access options, and enhanced native apps.

Almost a year after the release of Microsoft’s new operating system, the 22:2 version of Windows 11 is finally rolling out, with some exciting new features in the Store.

A welcome development for the interface

This version 22:2 is entitled to make some secret but welcome changes. The first is related to the Start menu. The latter was one of the disappointments of many users, as it lost many interesting features when switching to Windows 11. Microsoft had the good taste of restoring some of them; Now it will be possible again to create files with installed applications and adjust their size.

The taskbar has also gotten a much-loved feature back, which is drag-and-drop support. Now it is enough to drop any file on an application icon or a folder to copy it there. The menu that allows you to dock windows on the edge of the screen is also made more intuitive.

Slight improvement in parameters

As with every new version of the operating system, Windows 11 is also entitled to some new options in the Settings menu. For example, we see that Microsoft has finally agreed to integrate the “Microsoft Account” page. This means, for example, that it will no longer be necessary to sign in via your browser to manage your Microsoft 365 subscription and account settings.

But in general, this list has not changed much. There are mostly small and somewhat narrative changes, such as the ability to run Bing’s Picture of the Day in the background, or changes to the parental controls.

Major improvements to the native app

On the other hand, there are new, more interesting features besides the native applications of the operating system. And it starts with Explorer, which now has proper tabs, just like a real browser! This is a feature that has been claimed by many users for ages, and it will make a huge difference for those who work with many windows all the time. However, it will be necessary to wait until October for this functionality to be definitively published.

There is also a new function that allows you to pin applications and folders. A little attention that is of obvious importance in terms of productivity and comfort. The side navigation has also been updated to group the most relevant items into more intuitive categories.

We also discover Clipchamp, a new tool that can be very useful; It allows you to edit some videos on the go. Admittedly, it is very primitive. But it will be good for those who have no interest in buying real editing software. We can also mention minor updates to dictation or task manager

How is the update installed?

The update is already available through the Windows Update utility. You can access it through a simple search or through the control panel.

If the operating system has not yet notified you, you can force it to check for pending updates; Windows should offer you this new update. All you have to do is download it (which may take a while, and also requires the major update) and then restart your device to take advantage of these new features.

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