The mayor, Becresse, Edouard Philippe, the chiefs of Renault, Carrefour … what they said in Aix

From Friday 8 July to Sunday 10 July, Europe’s largest economic forum gathered 350 speakers in Aix-en-Provence (Buchs de Rhone) around sixty round tables. Objective: To discuss the key questions that are driving the world in complete transformation. Also the opportunity to immerse yourself in secrets and elicit a few small sentences. The following are the highlights identified by the Economic and Social Service of West of Francewho was there.

Bruno Le Maire wants to be ‘revolutionary’

It doesn’t seem like it, but I have a revolutionary side. Bruno Le Maire achieved real public success during his speech, “Fresh”This Sunday, July 10 in the morning. The very liberal Economy Minister has dealt with this irony. “You have to be creative and have a revolutionary side. I suggest that all revenue from taxes on fossil fuels (gas, oil and gasoline) be directed directly towards the fight against global warming.” This intervention earned him a round of applause.

Bruno Le Maire also wanted it to be a bit provocative, addressing the audience of senior presidents attending these economic meetings. All companies that can raise wages must, Knock. Faced with the lack of reaction, he returned to the accusation: “I feel less applause in the room…” And to get the point home: “I repeat. All companies that can afford it must raise wages!” Applause and whistles of approval from… many of the young Grandes Ecoles present.

If Bruno Le Maire’s “revolutionary” dimension can be called into question, then his oratorical talent, turning exercise into an act of seduction, is not in question… But for what deadline and for what political purpose?

Appeal to the youth of the Renault president

On Saturday 9 July, the Renault boss made a vital appeal to young people. Quoting Mirabeau – “We lose the right to persuade those we refuse to hear” – Jean-Dominique Senard assures us that he hears the arguments of students from some of the great schools calling on their comrades to stay away from the companies who embody, according to them the “Old World”. “Of course we hear them, these students: how can one be deaf and blind?”

But he also warns. “Responsible capitalism makes its mark and our companies develop: Come see what happens in our factories in the North. Things are moving. Business is not just about profit. We can discuss anything, but withdrawal is not the right answer. I tell these students, now is not the time to give up on them.” We want you to solve the problems you’re talking about. We won’t give us a gift. There are thousands of hungry Indian and Chinese students who have only one idea: to do what you don’t want to do. Now is not the time to quit. Please wait!”

Jean-Dominique Senard (Renault) and Alexandre Bombard (Carrefour) discussed corporate responsibility. | West of France

Retreats: Edward Philip “In Therapy”

The former prime minister returned to the retirement file on Saturday morning. Collectively, we have a very remarkable ability to tell ourselves stories and not look at facts.Edward Philip said.

Defend the project frequently very smart but also very complicatedwe feel, we hear, with a touch of bitterness, a sense of loss over this aborted reform during Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term. Everyone treats him as best he can. Me, that makes me feel good!

Edward Philip talked about pension reform that was ‘too smart’ but also ‘too complex’ | West of France

Valerie Pecres and Liponquin

The failed Republican candidate in Aix made one of her first public appearances since her failure in the presidential election.

Indicating the need for more efficient administration and public services, Ile-de-France president Valéry Pecres gave this anecdote. The best formula I’ve tested in recent years to promote jobs in my area has been the partnership with Leboncoin. We should be closer to people.

Philip Agion: “Learn how to negotiate”

Economist Philip Agion, who gave a debate entitled reconciling economics and politics, He defended the negotiations. If politicians finally understand that negotiating is not a waste of time but an opportunity to win some! You have to learn to negotiate. Wouldn’t that make it easier to pass the reforms?

For three days, 350 participants discussed more than sixty discussions. | West of France

Elizabeth Bourne refers to the education system

French education system He knows how to produce excellence but It is undoubtedly one of the most productive of inequalityOn Saturday noon, the Prime Minister launched a marquee where there was no vacant seat. We have a paradox that there is still an unemployment rate that is not the full employment rate and yet companies have great difficulty hiring. This means that our education system, our training system, is clearly not training the skills our economy needs.

Alexandre Bombard: “It’s not my job to save the world”

Carrefour President Alexandre Bombard recalled a guest at a round table devoted to “mission” companies what, in his eyes, is his primary mission: to make his group prosper. I dreamed of waking up every morning to tell myself that I was going to save the planet. But this is not my turn. My mission is to create value,” Frankly emphasized retail group leader.

“Optimism” by Jean-Herve Lorenzi

The head of the Department of Economists and the organizer of the meetings wanted to explain and qualify the title given to this edition: “Success in the transformations of the world”.

That’s right, it’s an optimistic title in the context we know, Jean-Hervey Lorenzi thinks. We are aware of this. All the economists who have worked on the major crises in history have noted that the way out of crises is always complex and difficult..

The audience during a discussion on “Reconciling Economics and Politics”, which brought together Valerie Pecres (left), Antoine Ferrero (Violia), Ross MacInnes (Safran) and former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. | West of France

Patrick Boiani: “Consume less”

The President of TotalEnergies stated that people want Available, affordable and sustainable energy now. to ensure that “We must all learn to consume less, and this is possible without giving up on our lifestyles”Patrick Boyani insists. “But on these complex topics, the debate should not be too emotional and we can only point the finger at one side or the other. Even if we now convert the entire global car fleet to electrification, that would reduce global oil consumption by 15%, And that’s nothing, but it’s not 100%. So we have to find something else.”.

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Michel Kortica: “The hardest part is waiting for us”

The former Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, who chaired COP 24, considers it urgent Tell the truth to the people. According to him, the hardest part is yet to come. A great energy crisis awaits us. At best it will lead to a severe shortage. But the worst can be infinitely more dangerous. We have to prepare for it now.”warns Michael Kortica.

The mayor, Becresse, Edouard Philippe, the chiefs of Renault, Carrefour … what they said in Aix

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