The NBA is cracking down on players asking for transfers

Players have taken power in the NBA, and for a few years, they are, even under contract, the ones calling for their move. Think of Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, James Harden or more recently Kevin Durant. Pressure strikes that obviously annoy the captains of the teams involved, as well as the NBA. While the league and players will discuss the next collective agreement, Adam Silver wanted to remind that honoring the signed contract is essential. Especially in the case of Durant, who has four years left on his contract…

I don’t know if the player asked for a deal or if he asked for it. I don’t know what’s going on between him and his team, but there’s definitely a lot of excitement in this city about potential crossovers. Silver says during an interview in Las Vegas. ” But it has to go both ways. Teams offer security and guarantees to players, and in return they are expected to abide by the end of the deal. Realize that there will always be discussions behind the scenes between players and team representatives. But we don’t like seeing players ask for transfers and we don’t like seeing things go the way they are now. Basketball was great last season, the playoffs, and we had a great final. I don’t want to be naive, but I will, I would really like to see the match focus on the field. »

Topic discussed with the players union

What Silver particularly regrets is the domino effect caused by the transfer request. When Davis, Harden or Durant ask to leave, it has an impact on many teams and many players.

When a player requests to be transferred, it has an effect on many other players, that player’s team, and other teams Silver continues. ” It’s possible that not only the NBA or the owners, but many other players are affected as well. This is one of the topics we plan to discuss with the players union to see if there are any other solutions to this issue. There will never be any question about players staying unhappy in certain situations. Simply put, we do not want the situation to develop as it is now. I think there is a common interest between the players collectively and the National Basketball Association to achieve more stability. »

First of all, contractual “stabilization”. For the NBA, the player must honor their part of the contract.

“I think we and the players union need to discuss and understand the principles that are at stake here, which is the sanctity of contracts and the desire for stability. Because we have a very productive relationship with the players union, I hope we can find a way to bring attention back to the pitch without completely eliminating the players. who request their transfer.”

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