The phenomenon of “One Piece” arrives in cinemas to the delight of enthusiastic fans at times

1 piece: red It shouldn’t be released until the fall in the US, but it’s already visible in 631 French cinemas. Something that makes the crowd happy. 119,300 of them have already participated in the previews In 481 cinemas in recent days, This was announced on Wednesday, August 10 by Pathé, the film’s distributor. It is the original fifteenth installment of the manga series that celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in July.

“The movie is really ‘heavy’ (cool, editor’s note). I had an intro because I was told it was kind of a musical comedy, but in the end it works really well. It’s well balanced, and the music was really great. Honestly, it was a real treat.” , says Alexandre, 21, a Parisian student and avid reader of piece.

He is one of about 7,000 spectators who made the trip before midday to see the film in cinemas in Paris and its suburbs, according to the first available figures. At Pathé Wepler, Place de Clichy in Paris, 1 piece: red It attracted fans of all ages from the first session in the morning, teenagers as well as parents with their children eagerly.

The atmosphere full of applause and the lack of applause contrasted with the weekend shows, which gave way to jubilant scenes, even some explosions due to the popcorn tossing in Marseille, according to videos broadcast on social media.

Tanguy Amara, employee of Geeks Japan in Bordeaux and preview partner at Ciné Mérignac (Gironde) this weekend, laments the sudden interruption of the session: Ten minutes after the end of the film, the fire alarm went off and fans were able to. Don’t know the result of the anime. Voluntary act or human error? difficult to determine. Either way, for the 26-year-old, this incident spoiled the session.

When he thinks of the events in Marseille, he regrets the image the event might give the manga community. “What happened there is a secondary phenomenon, Adds Natalie Ciutat, Assistant Managing Director of Pathé Films Distribution. When these types of movies are shown, there is always a certain euphoria. She’s so lively, but so cute.” A demonstration during this weekend’s Grand Rex preview as explosions of joy multiplied without overflow.

Manga movie adaptations have been a huge hit since cinemas reopened last year. They attract an audience unaccustomed to frequenting dark rooms. phenomenon Demon Slayerwhich broke all revenue records in Japan, for example, had more than 300,000 admissions in France in the first week after its launch in May 2021.

“Paying 10.50 euros to go to the cinema is too much”, Clément, a 21-year-old Parisian student, confesses upon leaving Whippler. “But for movies like ‘One Piece’, I’m making an exception.”

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